June 23, 2024

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Will the BBB 22 have a darkroom?  Tadeu gives spoiler after being "kidnapped" live

Will the BBB 22 have a darkroom? Tadeu gives spoiler after being “kidnapped” live

that series Stories on Instagram by Tadeu Schmidt left social networks speculating about a possible darkroom in theBBB 22″ (TV Globo). The presenter ended yesterday’s issue with being “kidnapped” by .’s bot code reality.

In the videos, Tadeu mentioned a “weird place” where “you can’t see anything”. He also spoke of a voice calling out to him: “Tado! O Thaddeus!”

Netizens immediately thought of the black room, which It was already part of a tip from Boninho in the previous year. Regarding the voice, many mentioned that Nayara Azevedo would raise her hand and shout Taddu’s name when she wanted to speak.

In a video posted to Instagram in December 2021, Ponneho walked into a “black room” at Globo Studios.

on Friday, Jade Bacon was dreaming of the darkroomAs Vinicius said. The dynamic “room of horrors” was part of “BBB 11”, and consisted of an unlit room with many switches. Participants had to find the correct padlocks to open two padlocks protecting the exit button.

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Well, again here I am, recording at dawn. But today it was on me, right? A lot of people were worried about me after that scary scene of Rob kidnapping me at the end of the show. So I’m here to connect and prove that I got home, showered, put on my pajamas, and ate dinner. I’m fine, I’m safe. But there were difficult times. Rob took me to a strange place, I couldn’t see anything. Lucky I heard a voice calling me…Tado! Hey Thaddeus! Thaddeus! And now I’m safe.