March 24, 2023

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“More life, better!”: Paula and Marcelo will discover that Carmem has a big secret |  Come to me around - come

“More life, better!”: Paula and Marcelo will discover that Carmem has a big secret | Come to me around – come

▶ Remember how the Paola and Marcelo partnership began:

Marcelo confesses to Paula that he helped Karem

Paula asks Marcelo to help kill Karem

Paula asks Marcelo to help kill Karem

Marcelo and Paula will try to open Carmim’s room, but the door will be locked. Having decided to go in, Paula will take a buckle and turn it to open the latch.

“Check it out. Anything can be used against Sucuri Wollinger. Documents, suspicious photos, weird stuff…”, Paula will warn.

The two of them would search every corner of the environment, until they heard the noise of someone approaching.

“Someone’s coming, hide!” Marcelo warns.

Karem (Julia Limerts) almost caught Paola (Giovanni Antonelli) and Marcello (Bruno Cabrizzo) red-handed – “The more life, the better!” – Photo: Globe

Marcelo and Paula will hide under a table, watching Platinum open a cupboard. It will tell Carmem right after picking up a folder Alice (Carol Mara):

“Let’s go! Tell Paula I need to talk to her urgently, hurry, real fast!”

Karem will leave the room and Paula will comment on the latest discovery:

“Sukuri Woollinger must be hiding something very important in that safe.”

Karem (Julia Limmertz) is observed to pass through a mysterious safe – “Life is more, better!” – Photo: Globe

What will be Carmen’s secret?

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21 February


Tika tells Ronnie that Ninem drank all the adulterated water. Flavia defends Guilherme for Rose. Guilherme tries to persuade Tigrão to testify against his mother. He chose Jonas Ninem and Shekau for an anti-doping test. Flavia finds Gabriel’s job offer to Jukka strange. Marcelo and Paula discover a safe in Karem’s room. Karem helps Gabriel plan revenge on Flavia. Rose tries to talk to Guilherme about Tigrão. Jukka is accused of stealing the Wollinger Bar. Karem asks to see Paula’s exams. Selena suspects Tigger’s paternity. Tina heard Baby and Nida talking about Ronnie being her father.

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Understand the new phase of the novel:

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