May 25, 2024

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Witnesses can help the FBI investigate the murder

Witnesses can help the FBI investigate the murder

Witness reports are investigated by the FBI in Case related to the murder of influencer Gabi Pettito. a Experience confirmed the murder yesterday after the body was identified In the Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming.

Testimonies shared with the FBI point to the behavior of the 22-year-old’s fiancé, Brian laundry. He was deemed “relevant” to the case, and no one has seen him since September 14. A survey was conducted in the home of the 23-year-old girl During the last Monday (20).

Couple truck on the road

According to the report issued by journalist Megan Cassidyfrom the newspaper San Francisco ChronicleJessica Schultz He saw the white van, which the couple used for a ride through American parks, circling the area where the 22-year-old was found.

According to the publication, Jessica noted that the truck driver “appeared to have no idea where he was going” and “was moving slowly along a narrow road” one night in August.

The driver identified as a “generic white youth” was alone in the car and was driving near a campground called Spread Creek, located in Bridger-Teton.

Jessica stated that she was “stuck” behind the slowly moving car until the driver finally stopped in the middle of the road in a restricted area. This witness was forced out of the way.

After news of the disappearance of digital influencer Jessica Schultz was one of the first people in the area to contact the FBI.

Police are investigating whether the driver in the report is actually Brian Laundry, who works with Gabi Pettito.

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Restaurant discussion

In an interview with Fox News, a witness claimed to have witnessed an altercation between Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie at a Wyoming restaurant on August 27.

According to the account, the influencer’s fiancée was “disturbed” and began arguing with a waitress at the scene. The restaurant confirmed that the couple were in the space in a social media post.

“We have notified the FBI and they know. We are allowing them to do their jobs and we respect the Gabi family,” the organization’s official profile said in the post.

Aggression and new photos

After the murder was confirmed, TMZ reported that an anonymous tip in the Gabi Pettito case said her 23-year-old fiancé was seen assaulting the young woman weeks before the disappearance.

NS Location It also reported that Florida police are investigating footage of the woods taken by another prosecutor’s camera.

According to the author, Brian was walking away from his residence and carrying a backpack. The record will also be used in the investigation of Gabe’s death petit.

The groom did not comment on the case

The 22-year-old American disappeared while traveling in her truck with her fiancé, Brian Laundry, through national parks across the country. They left Florida in July. The last contact with the family was on August 25.

The human remains were found on Sunday (19). The coroner completed the confirmation after the DNA test.

According to the camera record of the automatic number plate recognition system, Gabby’s truck, which the couple used for the trip, returned to the city on September 1 (the same date as her fiancé’s return). After his return, Laundry chose not to talk about the influencer’s death.

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