September 22, 2023

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Workers can get up to R$10,000

review Warranty Fund vs. Time of Service (FGTS) It is valid for those who have worked with an official contract since 1999. Despite this, many Brazilians do not realize that they are entitled to the amounts available through the entitlement review.

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FGTS is a right for all those who work under a formal contract. Despite this, the guarantee fund review is valid for some workers in particular. Find out who is entitled and how to access the resource.

FGTS review

The amount that will be paid through the FGTS audit depends, above all, on the working time of the Brazilians. In addition, it is necessary to consider the salary and the time for which the balance was available in the fund account. All these points are necessary when calculating the values ​​​​available in the audit.

In addition, even workers who have already withdrawn from the FGTS are also entitled to request a review. This is because if during this period the worker gets a good salary and if the amounts remain in the account for a longer period, the request for a review may be worth it.

The revision of the FGTS began from the need to search for new Reference price (TR) to calculate interest. This is because the rate used today has been zero since 2017. In other words, it does not follow inflation and this causes value losses to workers.

Therefore, the attempt was made to use the National Consumer Price Index (INPC) as a means of calculating and correcting the FGTS trial balance. Experts advise that this is the way to prevent workers from being confused.

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The review can be judged at any time by the Federal Supreme Court (STF). As it stands, values ​​could exceed R$300 billion in reviews. In addition, some surveys show that each worker entitled to a review can get about 10 thousand RRL.