June 16, 2024

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Xbox fans urge Microsoft to bring back classic Activision games

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard means the company will have access to it Large group of IPXbox fans are already asking that many of the franchises from Activision’s history be brought back in the future.

What we see more prominently demand now is blur. This has been a beloved but underperforming Xbox 360 racing game since 2010 – think of it as a cross between Project Gotham Racing and Mario Kart.

Sadly, it looks like Blur won’t have a backwards compatible version at this point, but there’s still hope that Microsoft will see fit to produce a sequel…although developer Bizarre Creations has been resolved:

Since xbox just bought Activision, maybe we’ll finally get it From Xbox One

Another one that seems to be getting some love right now is Guitar champ. Activision hasn’t produced a Guitar Hero since Guitar Hero Live in 2015, and while this game hasn’t been a huge hit, there’s no doubt a lot of nostalgia for classic GH games like Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock.

Honestly, though, we think this is probably somewhat unlikely. Microsoft will have to invest in new peripherals to create a new Guitar Hero, and based on the Rock Band 4 story, it probably won’t be worth it.

With the purchase of the Xbox Activision, we may finally get a new Guitar Hero From Xbox One

As for the others? Make your choice. We’ve seen requests for series like real crimeAnd World of Warcraft no XboxAnd dj heroAnd SkylandersAnd Geometry Wars, Vigilante 8, Prototype, Pitfall, 007 Legends, And much more.

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Ultimately, Microsoft may not be interested in bringing back some of the old properties in the Activision (and Blizzard) wallet, but thanks to the Xbox Game Pass, they can risk a Blur sequel, for example. And if there is any possible way to make more of these games backwards compatible, I would definitely be happy.

What classic Activision IP would you like to see Microsoft bring back? Let us know below.