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Xiaomi announces an app performance restriction claim

Xiaomi announces an app performance restriction claim

Updated (04/01/2022) by LL

Just like Samsunga Xiaomi has been accused of intentionally restricting the performance of some apps on their smartphones. The information is the result of Geekbench tests with the model Mi 11This behavior will result in the affected phones being excluded from the benchmark tables. Xiaomi decided to comment on the matter.

The performance results of Xiaomi smartphones refer to the alleged use of various “performance profiles” based on the application definition.

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This would make gaming and benchmarking applications “performance full”, while less demanding applications would be limited to a performance throttled profile. However, in a statement sent to Android Police, the brand stated that its system is more complex:

Xiaomi applies temperature control strategies to ensure the best product experience, especially with challenging applications commonly used for extended periods. In many of our devices, we offer 3 performance modes, allowing users to adjust the balance of performance and energy efficiency. […] At the system level, all application performance improvements weigh several critical factors such as power consumption, performance, and thermal impact.

Xiaomi has shared similar “improvements” in the past, with the Xiaomi 11T Pro using different performance profiles for specific applications. A profile with faster acceleration is enabled for applications that the system reads as games.

Geekbench regards this mechanism as a form of manipulation. Benchmark founder and president John Paul told Android Police that he intends to remove affected Xiaomi phones with “performance profiles” soon:

It is disappointing to see another hardware manufacturer misleading consumers by reducing application performance but not benchmark performance. We are investigating affected Xiaomi devices and expect to begin removing Xiaomi devices from our Android benchmarking chart later this week.

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after SamsungNow is the time to also accuse Xiaomi of limiting the performance of apps on its smartphones. The information was shared by Geekbench co-founder John Paul on his social media.

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According to the CEO, smartphones from the Chinese brand She also cut the performance A few applications and a simple test was enough to find out.

Poole renamed Geekbench to Fortnite and test results indicate a Performance drop of up to 30% In single-core score, while in multi-core the reduction is 15%.

Tests were conducted with Mi 11.

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According to Poole, everything indicates that Xiaomi is only limiting gaming performance and that The company’s hacking system works based on the name of the app.

Renaming Geekbench to Genshin Impact also led to a decrease in performance.

At the moment, tests have not been conducted with other applications of daily use, such as messengers and social networks, for example. In any case, the fact that the Chinese manufacturer is limiting the performance of the game should disappoint many Mi Fans.

It is very likely that Xiaomi will use the same argument as Apple and Samsung: it is Limit performance to save battery. So, the solution could also be the same: release an option for the user to disable this sever manually.

So far, the Xiaomi has not commented about this subject.

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