June 13, 2024

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Zayla betrays Tonico and bids farewell to evil for a happy ending in In Times of the Emperor TV News

Zayla betrays Tonico and bids farewell to evil for a happy ending in In Times of the Emperor TV News

Zayla (Heslaine Vieira) will rid himself of his cruelty by helping Caxias (Jackson Antunes) put Tonico (Alexandre Nero) behind bars in In the time of the emperor. He will turn from water to wine, become a more modest person and will attract the attention of Guebo (Maicon Rodrigues) – who has been in love with his childhood friend in the Globo telenovela.

The deputy will slander his mistress by swearing together in front of Dom Olu (Rugero Prieto) that she told him about The true identity of Samuel (Michelle Gomez). He’ll even put her to run away from his house Backstage, which will be shown next Monday (20).

humiliation, Heslin Vieira character She will hardly have time to collect The evidence against Tonico that he stole from Nélio (João Pedro Zappa). She will hide them in the studio, but will be surprised to discover that the bad character has returned the establishment to Lambert (Lorena da Silva).

The French will burn the file directly in front of Zila, who will still need to swallow his pride and hunt for Candida (Danny Ornelas) so he doesn’t sleep in the open. The Holy Mother will return her, but Oulu will not allow the prodigal daughter to remain long under her roof.

Guebo will defend the young woman, and will say that he believes in her good intentions and will take her into his house. Justina (Synara Lyall), who has an affair with the boy, will not like his way of dealing with her rival. pilar (Gabriela Medvedovsky). She will be sure that she will be replaced by the girl.

Zila becomes a girl in the series Six o’clock

the the news I already expected it The authors Alessandro Marson and Teresa Falcao They’ve modified some of Zayla’s sequences to make it easier to retrieve, which should culminate in a happy ending between “Ex-villain” and Guebo – like Lambert’s scissors.

Changing profile will be more obvious after profile Pedro Selton Melo asks the seamstress to switch sides and tell her everything she knows about him tonic a Caxias. The Marquis will be responsible for setting up a process to prove it Newspaper owner Ya Pro He really is a traitor to his country.

In the time of the emperor Almost 40 years after the events of new world (2017). In addition to spoilers, the the news Also posted daily TV series summaries at six o’clock.

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