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Away from TV, Actor Vale Tudo dies at the age of 60 due to multiple member failures TV News

Away from TV, Actor Vale Tudo dies at the age of 60 due to multiple member failures TV News

Luciano translator in Anything Goes (1988), Jairo Lourenço died on Monday (29) as a result of multiple organ failure in São Jose dos Pinhais, Paraná. The 60-year-old actor was hospitalized last Sunday (28) due to an exacerbation of stroke (cerebral vascular accident). A few years ago, Lourenco had a stroke.

Grandpa K. Saldanha, a friend of the veteran, published the news of the death on a social networking site on Tuesday evening (30). The two were taking acting lessons together, and the guy praised his colleague with a statement:

“We used to live in the same village, 300 meters away. We were always close, helping each other deal with contexts. In the ’80s, I had the pleasure of being in the neighborhood when he became a television actor and entered our humble homes through world soaps,” he recalls.

In Vale Tudo, Jairo Lourenço played Luciano and performed most of his scenes alongside ambitious Ivan (Antônio Fagundes). After the plot of Gilberto Braga (1945-2021), Aguinaldo Silva and Leonor Pasir (1926-2004), the actor made a small appearance in other serials: Otavio was in Pantanal (1990), Ismael lived in O Dono do Mundo (1991) and worked in Força de um Desejo (1999).

In fact, lack of work was one of the reasons why Lourenço left Rio de Janeiro and returned to Paraná. in an interview For Veja São Paulo magazine in 2011The actor said he lived on a farm in São Jose dos Pinhais.

“Later [que] Only very small leaves began to appear, and I realized that, as such, it was not worth continuing to live in Rio de Janeiro, ”said the artist.

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The actor also revealed that due to the physical change over the years, he is no longer referred to by famous people like Luciano de Vale Tudo.

“People today no longer recognize me on the street because I’m so different, with white hair and a few extra pounds,” he told the newspaper.