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10 Reasons Not to Miss the Season 10 Premiere of 'The Voice Brasil' |  2021

10 Reasons Not to Miss the Season 10 Premiere of ‘The Voice Brasil’ | 2021

The great day has come! 🎤🥁 Season 10 of brazilian sound Today’s premiere, 10/26, brought many news and more feelings into its episodes! To the cast, back Charlie BrownAnd Claudia LetAnd IZA NS Lulu Santos As traditional technicians of the dispute, the novelty is left Michel TELOWhich will embody the fifth element of the competition.

Are you excited to check out all the news on the in-store cuteness? We broke down 10 reasons not to miss the reality show premiere. Prepare your vocal chords, heart, and audience, and check it out! 👇

Thiago Levert leaves the leadership of “The Voice Brazil”, of which André Marquez will be the presenter. Photo: Globe

The format will be the last program he presents James Leverett before his farewell to Globo. will lead a stage blind tests From there, he will pass the wand to Andre Marquez, who will be responsible for Terra Taima employment.

Simply everything! 👏👏👏

2. Double display

IZA is one of “The Voice Brasil” technologies. – Image: Disclosure

The hand of IZA in the photo above brings us another spoiler From the program: It will continue to be shown in two days on small screens, at Tuesday and Thursday! There will be a double emotion, yes! 💃

one can Six times champion Participation in the tenth season? he can! 🎉

Michel Tello will return to reality as coach number five in the dispute, but this time, he will form his team only with the participants who were not approved in the stage blind tests, Parallel to what is happening on TVB. It’s a fire on the stage, what kind of flame? 🔥

4. Unprecedented dynamics around the world

“The Voice Brasil”: technicians are preparing for the dynamics of the fifth technician, represented by Teló. – Photo: Playback / Globoplay

This is the first time that the dynamics The fifth technician It will not only appear on The Voice Brasil, but also in reality formats on the whole world: he is except for us!

It’s only in Brazil, girls. 💅

Michel Tello in “The Voice Brasil” is a polyglot. – Photo: clone / Instagram

For the unprecedented dynamism to emerge with everything on the red carpet of reality, there’s no such thing as a new scenario to highlight Coach V, right? Teló will have a little corner for you only Earlier in the season, he presented a piece of his new tactical room in a Multiple in program networks. The singer also said that there is more news. It’s a lot of luxury! 🙌

Is this where they ordered the premium “visus”? 🙆💖 Do neon blazer From Claudia Litt to crop Brilliant from IZA, you won’t miss it styles Don’t forget on the vocal stage in 2021! How are we actually here? applause!

7. Technicians reaction

The Voice Brasil stage is ready to give voice to new dreams

What would your reaction be when you heard the sound? Amazing and full talent completely behind you? The new season promises extraordinary reactions from technicians so we can turn them into GIFs Like these here! Treat or treat! 🥳

Carlinhos Brown in “The Voice Brazil”. – Photo: Playback / Globoplay

Claudia Litt in “The Voice Brazil”. – Photo: Playback / Globoplay

8. Technician Battle: Return

Lulu Santos celebrates the tenth season of The Voice Brazil. – Photo: Globo / Fábio Rocha

After a few years of discontinuing broadcasting, Technician battle I’ll be back for The Voice Brasil contest! At the stage, one coach challenges the other to exciting cross-team presentations, and the less dedicated voice is out of the game.

Stay tuned: The stage will take place immediately after the blind tests, at which point the complete “churma” of Michelle Tello enters into the fray. gallop! 🤠

Lulu Santos on “The Voice Brazil”. – Photo: Playback / Globoplay

Lots of confusion and screaming just like people like! 🤯😂

Technicians on the new season of “The Voice Brasil” – Photo: Fabio Rocha / TV Globo

The debut music selection couldn’t have been better, and only He hits You will play on the schemes of reality! And look, there Musical Genres For all tastes, ok? Who will we not lose? 😍

Watch the new season calls! 🎬