June 21, 2024

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“Worried,” says Carlos Alberto de Nobrega about the fear of catheters

Carlos Alberto de Nobrega (Credit: Reproduction/SBT)

Carlos Alberto de Nobrega, 85 years old, was discharged from Serio Lebanon Hospital in Sao Paulo last Monday (25 years old), He was hospitalized last week with an irregular heartbeat, in an interview with SBT’s “Vem Pra Cá”, this Tuesday (26), talked about his health and revealed his fear of catheters.

“When they did an electrocardiogram, the doctor said, ‘Let’s go to Sírio [Libanês]. When I got there, at two in the morning, everything was ready. I stayed in the semi-intensive and started treatment and a series of tests,” the presenter began.

On Saturday, Carlos Alberto, who contracted Covid-19 earlier this year, said he is still suffering from the effects of the disease: “I’m still breathing hard, my memory has gone into space, and my vision has gotten worse. I have cardiomyopathy. When I got to the hospital knowing I had a team that had known me for twenty years, I was calm.”

The warrior ended by talking about his fear of catheterization. “But I was afraid of the outcome of the catheter, because since 2014 I’ve had a problem and I’ve been worried about this catheter, I really have been.”

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