May 25, 2024

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15 FGTS and PIS/Pasep combinations will be withdrawn in March;  Check dates

15 FGTS and PIS/Pasep combinations will be withdrawn in March; Check dates

Good news for workers! a PIS / Pasep . Salary Bonus it’s the Separation Compensation Fund (FGTS) Have at least 15 payments available to workers in March. Amounts can exceed the amount of the minimum wage, about 2,424 Brazilian reais. See below for dates and who can opt out!

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method FGTS birthday pull The worker is given the possibility to redeem part of the fund every year and in the month of his birth. As of now, recipients born in January, February and March can opt out. The payback period is up to 3 months.

Check out the loot 2022 anniversary calendar below:

birth month FGTS Partial Withdrawal Deadline
January From January 4th to March 31st
February From February 1 to April 30
March From March 1 to May 31
April From 1 April to 30 June
maybe From May 3 to July 31
June From June 1 to August 31
July From July 1 to September 30
August From August 2 to October 31
September From September 1 to November 30
October From October 1 to December 31
November From November 1 to January 31, 2023
Dec From December 1 to February 28, 2023

The value of the birthday draw changes according to the amount available in FGTS balance. However, the worker receives according to the percentage applied in the rate table, which even has the possibility of an additional premium.

a look:

Balance ranges in BRL Withdrawal rate extra premium
Up to 500 BRL 50% _
From 500.01 BRL to 1000 BRL 40% 50 Brazilian Real
From 1,000.01 BRL to 5,000 BRL 30% 150 Brazilian Real
From 5000.01 BRL to 10000 BRL 20% 650 BRL
10000.01 BRL to 15000 BRL 15th% 1150 Brazilian Real
From 15,000 BRL to 20000 BRL 10% 1900 Brazilian Real
Above 5% 2900 Brazilian Real
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To choose a Christmas draw or simulate values, access the Caixa Econômica Federal website, the FGTS app, online banking or go to the physical branch of the state-owned company.

PIS / Pasep

Starting from February 8th, it starts PIS / Pasep 2022 . calendar Millions of workers will benefit in amounts ranging from R$101 to R$1,212, depending on the number of months worked in the base year and schedule, in this case 2020.


I worked months Values
1 101 Brazilian Real,
two 202 Brazilian Real
3 303 Brazilian Real
4 404 Brazilian Real
5 505 Brazilian Real
6 606 Brazilian Real
7 707 Brazilian Real
8 808 Brazilian Real
9 909 Brazilian Real
10 1,010 Brazilian Real
11 1111 Brazilian Real
12 1,212 Brazilian Real

While Caixa makes PIS payments to workers from private companies, Pasep is passed on to employees of public institutions. See payment dates for each of the following programmes:


born in Released draw day
January 02/08/2022
February 02/10/2022
March 02/15/2022
April 02/17/2022
maybe 02/22/2022
June 02/24/2022
July 03/15/2022
August 03/17/2022
September 03/22/2022
October 03/24/2022
November 03/29/2022
Dec 03/31/2022


end of recording Released draw day
0 02/15/2022
1 02/15/2022
two 02/17/2022
3 02/17/2022
4 02/22/2022
5 02/24/2022
6 03/15/2022
7 03/17/2022
8 03/22/2022
9 03/24/2022

Recalling that the right to withdraw, in addition to the minimum working time of 30 days in the base year to the calendar year, also requires the worker to comply with other conditions of the allowance, namely: to have an average up to the minimum wage in the base year, to be Registered with PIS/Pasep for a minimum of 5 years and have data properly reported in the Annual List of Social Information (Rais).

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