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5 heroes who came out of the series · TV news

5 heroes who came out of the series · TV news

Just like it happened With Camila Queiroz in Secret Truths 2, The other heroes had already given up on their novels before the end. In the actress’s case, she was released from Globo for making “unacceptable demands” in her contract. In the past, translators were absent due to quarrels, mental health problems and even death.

One of the most recent cases occurred in Velho Chico (2016). While resting from recording the plot, Domingos Montagner (1962-2016) drowned in the São Francisco River, in Sergipe. The actor was accompanied by Camila Pitanga, but the actress managed to save herself.

Montagner played the hero Santo in the Benedetto series Roy Barbosa, and the Globo production company made a creative decision so that the character in the script was not killed. Since there are only five chapters left for the actor to score, Replaced with a selfie camera. In other words, every time Santo was on stage, his colleagues would look straight into the lens, as if they were facing the audience.

Domingo Montagner and Jardel Filho

Sol de Verão (1982) was also shaken by the loss to the cast. In the last part of the story, Jardel Filho (1927-1983) died of cardiac arrest at home. The actor was a good friend of the author Manuel Carlos, and the novelist had to be replaced due to grief.

The plot was then continued by Lauro César Muniz and Gianfrancesco Guarnieri (1934-2006). The solution to Jardel’s absence from the plot was to disappear with the Heitor character without any explanation.

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Fight backstage

The heroine of Corpo Santo (1987), Christian Torloni stamped her foot out of the Manchete series. The actress did not agree with the story of her character or with the working conditions of the network. Simon’s translator wanted Jose Luzero’s plot (1932-2017) to be more fluid.

Two years after the end of the series, Christian opened up about her dissatisfaction with the role in an interview with O Dia newspaper.

He noted, “I left Corpo Santo because the series had become ridiculous and soulless. And I couldn’t see how the author would solve that. The actor doesn’t have to play any role, no.”

Belinda also left “Rescue Partners” (2002) to internal problems. The Mexican TV series was very successful in Latin America, and the producers were planning to extend the plot for a few more months. The protagonist, however, did not agree to the change.

“I already had other commitments, it was time to leave the series. The plot stretched, so I decided to pursue my career. It was the best decision. I learned a lot from him and he helped me be who I am,” the singer commented, in an interview with Imagem TV before two years. The teen was eventually replaced by Daniela Logan.

Fabio left the TV series in chapter 50

Fabio left the TV series in chapter 50

Focus on mental health

A month after debuting in China (2008), Fábio Assunção decided to take some time away from work. In the plot of Miguel Falabella, the artist Heitor lived and Livia (Grazzi Massavera) feuded with João (Ricardo Pereira).

In a note he sent to the press, Assunção commented that he left the series due to health issues: “May God light my steps in my recovery and with confidence that I will return as soon as possible to this audience that gives me so much love,” he said.

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