September 22, 2023

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5 US Colleges & Unis That Offer Marketing Programs

The desire of thousands of students to receive a marketing education is no accident. The US is the birthplace of marketing as a discipline. It is here that perfectly trained university and high school professors work. The quality of education in the hundreds of marketing programs offered by universities is consistently high at all levels of higher ed.

The US is the world’s second-largest country by the number of institutions of higher education. No doubt, you can find any program that is convenient in every way. You can get a bachelor’s degree in marketing not only at a university but also at a college, unlike master’s and MBA programs.

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Advantages of Getting a Degree in Marketing

Let’s kick this thing off with the list of the main pros that make this degree worth getting:

  • you will have a plethora of career options
  • marketing specialists are always in demand
  • marketing is key for starting any business
  • it can be a rewarding and exciting occupation
  • marketing degree speeds up your job search

Here is a list of the educational institutions you can apply to:

INTO George Mason University

This uni was founded in 1957. It was and still remains the state’s largest research center. It is located in a city ranked in the top 20 best places to live in the US. Fairfax is a cozy and beautiful city and has a quiet atmosphere. Students who find themselves as photographers or artists can easily find inspiration here just by walking around the city. You will never get bored here. The city hosts many events every year. For example, you can attend the Chocolate Festival and the Book Fair.

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This educational institution specializes in the humanities. The most famous are programs in business, computer science, creative writing, law, marketing, and economics. The students are taught by highly qualified specialists and world-renowned scientists. Also, a lot of other well-known journalists, lawyers, politicians, athletes, and businessmen have studied here. Here are some other features of this uni:

  • It ranks among the top 100 relatively young universities in the world.
  • It also ranks among the top 100 best universities in the United States and the world in terms of overall performance.
  • A distinctive feature is the value-for-money ratio of tuition.
  • The campus is believed to be one of the most multinational in the United States. Here students from 120 countries are getting a degree.

University of Pennsylvania

This is the oldest university in the US. This Ivy League school is said to be one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country and the world.

It was founded by Benjamin Franklin, who was the university’s first president. The main idea was to provide American students with high-quality education, the opportunity to get a dream job, research, and discovery. Today, at the University of Pennsylvania, students from any country in the world, regardless of gender, race, or religion, are welcome.

Here is a list of some cool features:

  • Among the most successful and sought-after fields of study are medicine, physics, marketing, and economics. Over the past 20 years, alumni and faculty have won four Nobel Prizes and five Pulitzer Prizes.
  • It is a vibrant student center. Students from all over the world dream of applying here: all conditions, opportunities, and privileges are provided.
  • It closely collaborates with more than 142 research institutes and centers. You will be provided with tremendous opportunities for multifaceted research and scholarly projects.
  • Active student volunteering programs. According to the most recent data, more than 14,000 employees, faculty, and students are involved in professional programs.
  • The campus has one of the largest university academic libraries: it contains more than 4 million books and periodicals.
  • The University of Pennsylvania has one of the largest endowments in the world: more than $9.58 billion, according to 2014 data.
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Northeastern University Silicon Valley

This educational institution was founded in 1898. Today it has several campuses and departments, one of which is Northeastern Silicon Valley. Northeastern Silicon Valley’s graduate programs will provide the best learning environment. It’s simultaneously the most challenging and rewarding one.

This educational institution regularly receives major research grants. Besides, such important corporations as the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health entrust their research to this educational institution. A maximum practicum orientation is evident in every component of the curriculum.

Here you will learn common pitfalls of marketing, and try various internships, gain the necessary skills and practical work experience. Almost 90% of the students in Master’s programs manage to work in big companies before they graduate, get valuable practical experience, and even get a job offer.

Oregon State University

It was founded in 1876. Today, it is one of the most prominent research centers in the United States. Here more than 20,300 students are getting a degree. The university’s academic specialization is focused on science and technology. OSU is one of only two US institutions with publicly funded programs in space, solar, deep earth, and ocean research.

OSU is also a leader among US research universities in a number of fields. They are climate change, forestry, wave energy, sustainable food systems, computer science, environmental protection, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and robotics. The teaching staff is highly qualified and includes several dozens of winners of prestigious national and international awards.

Here, you can choose from around 200 undergraduate and 100 graduate degree programs. The university also has a Faculty of Extended Programs, which allows graduates to receive diplomas with an extended program of study. Students can also take part in research as research assistants (as part of their Ph.D. studies).

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Marymount California University

This one is a popular destination for higher education for Americans and international students alike. The safe and spacious 26-acre campus is located conveniently on the hills of Palos Verdes near sunny Los Angeles. Every day, students can enjoy the great views of the Pacific Ocean and the warm and comfortable climate.

It’s a quiet, liberal education institution. Here, you will be provided with the opportunity to receive a quality, prestigious education. Due to its geographical location, you are provided with the chance to combine education and trips to nature. You can enjoy scenic views, visit culturally rich Los Angeles, and just have a comfortable holiday in nature. By the way, the student body is very diverse:

  • Americans – 19% of students.
  • Africa and China – 1%
  • Eastern Europe – 6%
  • Western Europe – 24%
  • Asian countries – 25%

Summing Up

As you can see, marketing programs are incredibly demanding and challenging. If you’re still uncertain where to apply, you can visit the official websites of each university listed above. After looking through the additional information, weigh all pros and cons and choose the one that meets your preferences and expectations. We wish you a stroke of good luck in your academic life at the university of your dream!