June 20, 2024

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Livelo and Latam Pass Boomerang offer 35% bonus and up to 35% points back

Livelo and Latam Pass Boomerang offer 35% bonus and up to 35% points back

The Livelow Today, the Latam Pass launched another version of the popular “Boomerangue” promotion. Participants who transfer points by tomorrow (28/06) get up to 35% extra points on Latam Pass and up to 35% of Livelo points transferred back.

The minimum transfer is 15,000 points and the option “I want to activate the campaign and authorize to share my CPF number and email with Latam Pass” option must be selected in Points submission page to participate.

How does promotion work?

Latam Pass bonus is 35% for customers Latam Pass Club Who joined until 20/05/2022 and 25% for other participants. In addition to the bonus, customers can still get 35% of the points back if they are from Livello Club or 25% for others.

The campaign is not cumulative with bonus points for Club Latam Pass plans, contracted as of 01/11/2018.

The bonus will be limited to 150,000 points per program and will be credited within 20 working days after the offer ends and will be valid for 24 months, just like the points transferred.

Check out the full list and sign up promotion page.

Example of transferring 100,000 points from Livelo to Latam Pass

For example, a customer who sends 100,000 Livelo points will get 35,000 points back if he subscribes to Clube Livelo and an additional 35,000 points on a Latam Pass. So the final cost would be 65,000 Livelo Points for a 135,000 Latam Pass. That is, it is as if the participant received a reward of approximately 107%.

Livelo offers up to 50% off points purchase

At the same time, Livelo sells points at a discount of up to 50% until 30/06/2022 for Club customers. Biggest discount for subscribers over 12 months old while others get 45% off. Those who take advantage of both promotions can generate 1,000 Latam Pass points for up to BRL 16.90.

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Learn more through promotion site.

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