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8 things to do with your Kindle that you didn't know |  e-reader

8 things to do with your Kindle that you didn’t know | e-reader

The kindle It offers features that few people know about, such as a browser to read news from the Internet or control content for children. In the following lines, discover eight features of the device that has become so popular among book lovers. . e-reader Amazon Available in three models: kindle traditionalists, Kindle Paper White And kindle oasis. you Prices start from 389 BRL for the basic version.

The following actions were performed on a Kindle Paper White Tenth generation. In the take you We are also already listed Other tips and tricks on the digital reader.

Kindle can now be found for values ​​starting at R$389 – Photo: TechTudo

1. Convert kindle On a children’s device

Kindle allows children to use parental controls safely – Photo: Danilo Paulo de Oliveira / TechTudo

The kindle It brings a very useful function for parents or guardians of children who want to prevent their children from finding more adult content in their library. Parental Controls mode offers the ability to restrict access to the device’s web browser, store, and cloud.

To access the tool, just click on the three dots on the main page and go to settings. It is also possible to set a password to block certain sections of the device interface.

2. Use the browser to read the news

Some news sites, such as TechTudo, support reading mode in your Kindle’s web browser – Photo: Danilo Paulo de Oliveira/TechTudo

To access, simply click on the three dots on the main screen and select “Web browser”. Then it will be interesting for the user to access Google News or their favorite news site. Sites like take you It still supports reading mode. The tool optimizes the webpage so that the content is better suited to kindlewhich makes it easier to use.

3. Put a password on kindle

Kindle security password makes your book library private – Photo: Danilo Paulo de Oliveira / TechTudo

The Amazon He also has a solution that gives you peace of mind from that friend or brother taking you kindle When you’re not around to see what’s in your library. If desired, the user can set a password that is requested whenever the device is activated.

To access, just click on the three dots on the main page, go to “Device options” and finally “Device password”. It is possible to remove the passkey in the future.

4. Create collections to organize the library

Kindle collections are an efficient way to organize titles on the device – Photo: Danilo Paulo de Oliveira / TechTudo

To create a group, simply click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and go to “Create group”. From there, simply rename your group and select the titles that will be part of it.

5. View annotations from kindle in your mobile phone

Notes and bookmarks sync across all your devices – Photo: Danilo Paulo de Oliveira/TechTudo

All annotations and tags made on eBooks will be automatically saved in the cloud and synced to all your devices signed in to Amazon. This means that if you leave the house and really need to review a note you made earlier, but unfortunately you forgot kindleNo problem, just access it through your smartphone, tablet or PC.

To access, download the official app of kindle In the AndroidAnd Iphone (iOS) or PC with Microsoft And log in to your account Amazon, which is the same used in the digital reader. It is worth remembering that notes taken on your cell phone, tablet or computer will be available on your phone kindle Once activated.

6. Use advanced search filters

Kindle ‘Filters’ can help you better manage your books – Photo: Danilo Paulo de Oliveira/TechTudo

Another function to help you navigate a file kindle It is a filter tool. In it, you can filter read and unread titles, which are e-books, which are PDF documents, which are comics and even newsstands.

The advanced search button is located in the upper right corner of your library’s home page. kindle. If you want to undo the filter, just tap on Clear All.

7. Send a reading recommendation

There is a hidden Share button on the Reading page that works like this: If you are reading a book and you notice that a friend of yours might be interested in the work, tap on the three dots, hit Share and select your email contact.

The person will receive, at their email address, your personal message (if you wrote it) and a free preview of the e-book. This is a way of referring to business in a simple and quick way.

8. Choose Send Less Personal Data to Amazon

It is possible to remove the permission to collect personal data for advertising – Photo: Danilo Paulo de Oliveira / TechTudo

by default, kindle It comes with disabling specific data privacy features. The device uses this information collected in the background for marketing purposes. From there, the system can suggest more specific products and ads based on your tastes.

You can revoke the permission to use your data by clicking on the three dots in the library and following the path “Settings” -> “Device Options” -> “Advanced options” -> “Privacy”. It is worth noting that disabling the feature does not affect other device features.

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