May 30, 2024

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A liter of gasoline goes up 1.96% in 15 days and averages R$6,433

A liter of gasoline goes up 1.96% in 15 days and averages R$6,433

The price of a liter of gasoline in the country increased by 1.96% in the first half of October compared to September, with the average value in the country reaching R$6,433. Information contained in a survey conducted by ValeCard, a company that specializes in fleet management solutions.

Obtained by recording transactions made between October 1 and 15 using a ValeCard supply card at nearly 25,000 approved institutions, the data shows that Piaui (2.88%) and Ciara (2.77%) recorded the highest increases in this period. The smallest increase in fuel value occurred in Tocantin (1.14%) and Acre (1.23%).

Among the capitals, the average fuel R value was $6,377. Teresina (R$6,843) and Rio de Janeiro (R$6,783) were the highest in prices in the first half of October. The lowest median values ​​were found in Macapá (R$5,811) and São Paulo (R$5.987).

Ethanol is useful in all states

The average price of ethanol in the country in August was R$4,815. Despite the sequence of gasoline hikes, fossil fuels are still the most useful fueling vehicle across the country. The method used in this analysis, discount factors such as the individual autonomy of each vehicle, is that to compensate, fill the tank with ethanol the liter value must be less than 70% of the price of gasoline.

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