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A rock in Rio Lisbon has a revival and screams against Bolsonaro - 06/26/2022 - Illustrated

A rock in Rio Lisbon has a revival and screams against Bolsonaro – 06/26/2022 – Illustrated

The first day of weekend shows ending with the post-pandemic release of Rock in Rio Lisboa — which anticipates some of the attractions to be seen at Brazil’s return to the festival, in September — kicked off with Demonstrations against President Jair Bolsonaro (PL)ending in Request Peace to Ukraine, at war with Russia About 70,000 people gathered in the Portuguese city of Roc, in Parque da Boa Vista.

In the early afternoon of Saturday, the 25th, under strong sunshine, Francisco’s band, El Hombre, in São Paulo, delivered several criticisms of the president to a small but spirited audience, showing Flags stamped in the face of presidential candidate Lula as well as against Bolsonaro.

Who also represented Brazil in the Portuguese version of the festival was Nay Matogrosso, who gave his first international show since the pandemic began. Wander through the classics of national music that went from Martino da Villa to Chico Puarque and He leaned in front of the pictures of the aborigines projected onto the big screen.

Another group that used the big screen to send messages to the audience was Duran Duran, who wrapped up the main stage of the festival with a show that took care of the synthesizers that are the band’s trademark – and which delighted older audiences, mostly on this day – and dedicated “The Ordinary World” to Ukrainians.

The ’80s synthesizers resonating today in The Weeknd, Dua Lipa, and Harry Styles, who embarked on an ’80s revival in their latest act, also dominated the A-Ha Show, which took thousands of cellphones to the air in the first few chords of Take on. Me, one of the biggest hits of that decade and the band’s most successful.

See below, a summary of the main performances of the penultimate day of rock in Rio Lisbon, which will also host on Sunday, the 26th, attractions such as Anitta, Post Malone, Johnny Hooker and Jason Derulo.

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Francisco, the humber
The band from São Paulo was the first Brazilian actor to take to the stage at the second weekend of concerts at Rock in Rio Lisboa. Under the strong sunshine at 3:30 p.m. and a small but interactive audience played, the group had The show was marked by demonstrations against President Jair Bolsonaro.

Right at the start of the show, vocalist Sebastian asked the audience – who accompanied them with some cries and T-shirts printed with messages against Bolsonaro and in favor of Lula – to raise their fists clenched in the air “out of respect for all the anti-Brazil – the fascist forces”. The reference became even more pronounced during the song “Bolso Nada,” from 2016, which includes in its chorus the phrase “That’s scrotum, very scrotum” and calls Bolsonaro a fascist.

The band, which will also sing at the Brazilian version of the festival, in September, predicted the yet-to-be-released song “Arranca a Cabeça do Rei”, dedicated to “Who will take the king’s head off the finger after the vote”.

The English rock band opened the World Stage, the festival’s main stage, to a loyal audience who applauded and tormented the songs of the group’s most famous album, 1994’s “Sixteen Stone,” released just two years after Bush composed it.

Among hit songs like “Glycerine” and “Comedown,” vocalist Gavin Rossdale commented on the pandemic and reunited with the audience. “What a terrible two years. Music is everything, is the answer.”

Neymar Matogrosso
One of the most awaited performers in the squad for Saturday, 25th, Singer from Mato Grosso do Sul It started showing at 8pm, but it was still daytime and it was hot in Lisbon.

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Sergio Sampaio’s 1972 “Eu Quero É Botar Meu Bloco Na Rua”—which references the tour Ney has been on since before the pandemic—opens the presentation marking the singer’s return to the international stages after more than two years of hiatus due to Covid-19. .

Accompanied by an audience much larger than the stage occupied by Ney, on the edge of Lusitanian Rock City, the singer went through compositions such as “Pavão Mysteriozo”, by Ednardo, “Como 2 e 2”, composed by Caetano Veloso and famous in the voice of Gal Costa and “Yolanda” Written by Chico Bouarque, sung by the Portuguese audience, as well as the classic song “Sangue Latino” by Secos e Molhados. In “Ponta do Lápis” he opened his arms and bent down in front of the big screen, where images of the indigenous people were shown.

While the compound is straight from the 80s space saver AHA looks very current middle A revival in the music world in recent yearsthe latest single from the song list the group prepared for a rock show in Rio Lisboa on Saturday 25, is already 13 years old – it’s “Foot of the Mountain,” which also marks the last album the group released, in 2009, before a hiatus ended. in 2015.

The show, with two years of pandemic delay, celebrates the 35th anniversary of the release of the first Norwegian album, “Hunting High and Low”, which features the pop band’s best single Take on Me. The live broadcast, bubblegum chorus, and percussion synthesizers led thousands of mobile phones to instantly shoot the stage and the big screens, playing the classic animated clip that helped the group rise to fame.

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The group even adapted songs such as “The Sun Always Shine on TV”, “I’ve Been Missing You”, “The Living Daylights”. The band is preparing to play six shows on the same tour in Brazil, but out of rock in Rio –Two of them are in São Paulo, at Espaço Unimed, on July 18 and 19s.

rotation rotation
The New Wave-filled English band formed in 1978 receded after A-Ha. The Norwegian band’s contemporary band ended programming Palco Mundo with a track list also filled with several hits from decades ago, such as “Rio”, “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “Come Undone”.

Unlike the band that succeeded them on the main stage lineup, Duran Duran seems to be trying to speak more to the voices of the day. Starting with the four songs from the group’s latest album, “Future Past”, from 2021, which entered tonight’s chart – “Give it All Up”, by the way, is a collaboration with Swedish indie pop singer Tove Lo.

The lead singer of the group, Simon Le Bon, dedicated the song “Ordinary World”, one of the band’s biggest hits, to the Ukrainians. “The people of Ukraine are experiencing an inexplicable and unimaginable experience. We would like to dedicate this song to the Ukrainians, we wish them love, kindness, joy, life and success in their country. This song is about belief in the goodness of the world and mankind,” he said before starting the song with the seal of the Ukrainian flag on screens.

“Save a Prayer” was also sung as a plea for peace, with cell phones with flashlights illuminating the rocky city and anticipating white doves.

The reporter, invited by Roc, traveled to Rio Lisbon