May 25, 2024

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A singer, a victim of racial injury and physical assault in a restaurant - Nacional

A singer, a victim of racial injury and physical assault in a restaurant – Nacional

(Photo: Rodolfo Linharez)

Jazz singer Andressa Souza, 34, was excited for another night of work, on Tuesday (10/19). On social media, she posted a special post reminding followers that she’ll be performing at 108 South Restaurant, in a cheerful text that ended with a heart-shaped emoji. However, the artist’s excitement was replaced a few hours later by choro, when she was the victim of racial insult when she was verbally and physically assaulted by a local client. “Teach me to sing, black woman,” said the assailant. The case was investigated by the 1st police station in Asa Seoul as a racial insult.

The attack took place around 22:30. Andressa and music producer Janatas Santana had been singing for about two hours, when some customers started ordering songs. They responded promptly to requests. “The house was full, especially in the area where the theater was,” Andressa says. “I had a table with some foreigners in front of me who had a lot of fun.”

At another table, in the corner of the podium, was the assailant with a group of women. According to her, they insistently asked Andressa to sing a song that she had previously sung. “The waiter came to tell me and I said I already sang and I asked if I could chant and he said I should do what I thought was best. I decided to sing again,” he said.

Then, the woman and three of her friends had gone to the front of the stage, danced, smiled, and sang the song – Fly me to the Moon, originally sung by Frank Sinatra. At the end of the song, the women went to sit down, except for one – who was going to utter the attack. The woman was going to go to Andressa and tell her that she couldn’t sing and that the words were wrong.

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“They were drunk and also because of their age, I tried to keep going. But she was adamant. There came a time when she said the word I was wrong was ‘word,’ and she repeated it saying no. And she insisted,” the singer vented. Soon, the woman reportedly asked the singer to stop smiling, went up on stage and asked her to learn to sing.

Before returning to the table, she would hit the artist twice on the arm and then said: “Teach me to sing, you black girl.” “I didn’t understand. I told Janatas what had happened and got scared, I started crying a lot. She kept screaming from the table that ‘this black woman should learn to sing’ and I can’t help but cry,” he recalls. .


Immediately after the attack, the restaurant manager helped her, asked her to end the show, offered her water and took her to a quiet place. Then the musicians called the police to report what had happened. Gantz also said that the assailant was accompanied by other women and that one of them identified herself as a police officer, as a way to prevent them from contacting the police.

“Ice on the cake someone was saying I was a police officer, just like we see in the videos, but I said it didn’t matter. Don’t let racism prevail. When you see someone being a racist, call the musician. A police report has been filed and the case is investigated,” the musician said. as a racial insult and “de facto defamation”.

Andressa says the police officer approached the woman on her way out of the restaurant, but she was not taken to the police station because she “wasn’t able to go”.

remail, the Federal District Civil Police said the case is under investigation. According to the foundation, Andressa provided a photo of the assailant’s vehicle, and it was not taken to the police station because it “evaded the scene”. The Palestinian Women’s Development Committee also stated that Andressa “expressed a desire to act criminally against the plaintiff” and that the first DP would assist her.

The singer says she will push the issue forward to show that actions rooted in racism have consequences. “With all the support I’ve had, I won’t let it go. We often keep silent, but with so many people with me, I will and seek justice on behalf of so many who have not been able to denounce,” he declares.


Andressa Souza is a talent from the capital. Powerful sound rocks pop, MPB, jazz, bossa nova songs. Check out the singer’s interpretation: