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Who is in the fifth farm? Bill, Larry or Valentina? (10/21)

Another one was formed from Roça. So, vote in our farm poll to see public favorites. The least upvoted will leave reality. Who do you want to be: Bill, Larry or Valentina? And who should be the fifth to be excluded from the program?

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Who do you think will participate in the show? Vote for our A Fazenda 2021 poll and find out in advance who should leave the program in Roça.

Under the leadership of Adrian GalistowFifth Roca Formed From A Fazenda 13: Gui Araujo, Lary Bottino and Valentina Francavilla risk leaving Reality TV is a recording And the dispute over the millionaire prize.

The Farm 2021 Poll: Gui, Lary or Valentina, who should be in Roca V?

poll with 3807 Voices!

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In the meantime, be sure to join farm surveys 13, not R7 style, about:

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Who are the pedestrians at Roça this week?

Bill won the farmer's test and escaped from the fifth farm
Gui, Lary and Valentina are at Roça 5th of A Fazenda 2021. Source: Record TV

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Facing the farmers’ test dispute, those on Roça this week from A Fazenda are the infantry Gui, Lary or Valentina. However, Bil Araújo manages to escape from the hot seat by obtaining a farmer’s hat.

Roca V was formed on Tuesday night, 10/19. However, the farmers’ test, won by Arcripano, was taken on Wednesday, 20th.

This way, vote for the Fashion Bubbles A Fazenda poll and know instantly who the audience wants to stay on the show!

Also check out the results of the UOL and Fashion Bubbles Poll survey for Fazenda 2021:

In doubt who to vote for?

In this sense, learn more about the life and path of the pedestrians found on this farm:

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How was the Fifth Rocha formed?

pedestrians sitting on stools
Those at Roça this week are Bill, Joey, Valentina, and Larry. Source: Record TV

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In the end, Bill, Guy, Valentina and Larry He was unable to escape during Roca’s fifth formation of the season. So they sat on the seats.

However, Val had no chance to escape. This happened because Larry, the fourth farmer, objected to her from competing in the farmer’s test.

So see how the vote was done:

  1. indication of Diane Melo, The farmer: law Project
  2. Most voted in the house: seduce
  3. Bay pull: Valentina
  4. one left: Larry

But, how do you vote with the Portal R7?

Voting for Roca 5th from A Fazenda 13 is very simple: just go to the website of farm 13 And soon you’ll find the vote. So, just tap on the chosen pawn, make sure you are not a bot and a hoe, your voice has been recorded!

However, remember to vote for who you want to stay in the show, not for who leaves!

To participate in Roca’s voice in R7Follow this step by step:

  • Enter the R7 website on the official page of reality show;
  • Right at the top of the page, you’ll see a box asking who should stay, with pictures and names of the pawns in the dispute;
  • Choose who you want to stay and then tap on the photo that shows the person;
  • Next comes the bot check, so select “I am human” and confirm your vote;
  • You have already voted once, now just repeat the process if you want to vote more than once.

Voting for Quinta Roça is available until live program time on Thursday, October 20, when presenter Adriane Galisteu informs who are the lucky ones still in the fray.

And what are the dynamics of A Fazenda 2021?

  • Monday is the day of the fire test.
  • On Tuesday, a vote is taken for Roca;
  • Wed has a farmer’s taste.
  • Thursday is the date of elimination;
  • Friday is the day of celebration in Fazenda 2021.
  • Saturday contains a summary of Friday’s party highlights;
  • On Sunday, the station shows the coexistence charter.

The program will last about 14 weeks, so it should end in mid-December. There will be 94 episodes in the general direction of Fernando Viewdes And the primary direction Rodrigo Carelli.

Why take part and vote in the Fashion Bubbles Farm poll?

With the Enquete UOL and Enquete Fashion Bubbles partial results, you’ll be able to follow how the voting goes in R7. Plus find out who’s at risk of leaving the reality show beforehand.

By voting in our Fashion Bubbles poll you will get the score instantly and be able to see who are the most popular, least loved and most hated walkers.

How do you watch the program live?

Farm Poll 2021: To watch The Farm 13, just subscribe to PlayPlus
PlayPlus is the official broadcast of Record TV. Source: reproduction site

To watch A Fazenda 13, you have free access to the Record TV channel. The program is broadcast every day of the week, so it is possible to follow the daily life of pedestrians, in a range of moments.

However, to stay more in tune, you can subscribe to PlayPlus, the broadcaster’s streaming service, which has 9 exclusive cameras.

What is The Farm 2021 prize?

Finally, the pawn with the most votes from the audience in the final returns home with an additional R$1.5 million in his bank account. In addition, the program will award about 500 thousand Brazilian reais additional prizes during the exams.

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