September 24, 2023

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Cast of 'No Limite' Celebrates End of Season Recordings: 'We're Free!'  |  2022

Cast of ‘No Limite’ Celebrates End of Season Recordings: ‘We’re Free!’ | 2022

“Luxury Camps” at Tribos Sol e Lua, in Praia Dura, have closed their doors with the end of the shooting season in On the edge. The cast of the remake took the opportunity to celebrate the news and go home on Wednesday, 8/6.

Together, they celebrated farewell to the place where the attraction and Matthew Pires Take the opportunity to record everything on their networks: “They were free!”Celebrate victory.

No Limite crew celebrates end of tapings – Image: Reproduction/Instagram; Globe

In a second, in his stories, the educational director talked more about the moment and joked about the food he actually ate.

We are very happy, registrations are over! I can’t believe I’m going back to my life, that I’m going to eat! ”

– Matthews Peres, participant in “Without Borders”

No Limite’s Mateus Pires celebrates the end of the show’s recordings – Image: Reproduction / Instagram

No Limite reps meet at the end of the show’s taping – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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