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BBB22: Boninho surprises the brothers by entering the house, and Douglas Silva entertains the Web with a comment about Ana Furtado; Watch

Surprise! This Thursday afternoon (21st), the affiliated brothers came toBBB22I was surprised to enter AttractiveAt home, for private business. The participants were summoned to the room, and were amazed when the image of Big Boss appeared on the screen.

“He showed up there, so I thought: ‘Oh, it went so badly’Scooby said. He was laughing and then suddenly stopped. [Pensei:] “I fucked”Douglas agreed. The god of Olympus appeared, I was already worried: “What have you done [na festa] you didn’t tell me”Surfer added. When he appeared on the big screen, TOP5’s Boninho calmed down and worked to break the ice between them, talking about the previous day’s party.

Boninho entered the house of “BBB22” for a private business with TOP5. Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

He also explained that his unusual appearance was an act of spreading news from the station’s own programs. After the conversation with the two brothers on the big screen, the program director asked everyone to go to the park to continue the dynamic. There, they finally saw each other and hugged. Watch here:

Within a few minutes, Ponino’s arrival at home took over social media and gave a speech Douglas Silva Enjoy the web. Already inside “BBB22”, while interacting with Al Mahsour, the program director said that the presenter and his wife, Anna Furtadowas a participant in the current version of “famous dance“, from “Sunday with HackAt this point, the actor joked: “Anna’s everything, huh?!”. The comment made even Big Boss laugh. You didn’t lie, did you?! But we love her so much! look here: