June 21, 2024

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A worker can get up to R$2,400 in 2022

A worker can get up to R$2,400 in 2022

PIS/Pasep suspended in 2021 with payment moving to next year due to Covid-19, may be issued in double amount. The reason lies in the fact that in 2021 the base year 2020 will be pushed and next year the base year 2021. With the suspension, both calendars for 2022 have been pushed out.

Considering that in the next year the minimum wage should be in the amount of R$ 1,200, a worker who is entitled to a salary premium in two base years can get a double amount, i.e. R$ 2,400.

Codefat (the Advisory Board of the Workers’ Support Fund) has yet to release a calendar containing payment dates.

Prior to that, the salary bonus was issued in July of each year and lasted until June of the following year.

What will change from 2022?

With the updated rules governing the program, everything indicates that next year, the transfer will be carried out between January and December of each year. NS Calendar It takes into account the month of birth of the worker. Public employee receiving PASEP, the final registration number is taken into account. Next year, 23 million people are expected to be covered.

Conditions for entitlement to salary increment

Get an average wage up to a minimum wage

Have worked in the base year for 30 days or 12 months with an official contract

The worker must have been registered with PIS/Pasep for at least five years

Get data correctly in RAIS (Annual Social Information Report).