December 3, 2023

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See how this benefit works

See how this benefit works

Banco do Brasil has launched a financial solution to stimulate the country’s transport sector

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a Bank of Brazil It launched, in April of this year, a financial solution to stimulate the transport sector in Brazil. The solution is the result of a partnership with carriers that have an agreement with the bank. This way, the self-employed truck driver will be able to anticipate the value of freight scheduled by the partner companies.

This partnership makes it possible to hire credit By independent carriers, in a simple and digital way. It can be accessed via BB (Banco do Brasil) for mobile or BB Digital PJ. In this option, self-employed truck drivers in the Banco do Brasil account can anticipate the value of the freight. Meet some requirements:

  • It is necessary to conclude an agreement with the carrier / shipper PJ;
  • Shipping with 120-day payment schedule;
  • Interest rates: start from 1.79% in the morning, according to the client’s profile.

How to rent Anticipa Freight?

as such BB expects shipping, you expect the value of the scheduled shipping. To make this progress, a self-employed individual needs to:

  • have an account at Banco do Brasil;
  • arrive to BB website To order Anticipa Shipping and follow all the steps on the site;
  • Then check in the application what values ​​are available to expect;
  • Be with the normal registration in the bank.

Finally, recruitment takes place through the BB mobile application.

What is the purpose of this feature?

Truck drivers credit benefits from the relationship that exists between carriers and shippers. Since the forecast includes the freight already contracted, in which the right will be offered to the bank, it will be settled directly by the company.

a Bank of Brazil It is one of the main factors of economic and social development in Brazil. The company supports the transport sector, agribusiness, infrastructure, small and micro businesses, and foreign trade. Work consciously by generating and supporting work and income.

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