September 23, 2023

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Abumani surprises Jose with a request and insists until he gets it

Right after Pharaoh shishi (Fernando Bavao) choose Joseph (Giuliano Lahham) to rule Egypt was surprised by approaching him they don’t stop (Dudo de Oliveira) in the next chapters of the series origin, from Record TV.

“Earlier, when everyone was preparing for official business, you Potivar (Val Berry) He said that Pharaoh gave the order for you to be put in the second best car and for someone to go ahead and ask everyone to kneel for you.”Abumani says. Did Pharaoh really order this?‘ asks Jose, annoyed.


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Abumani confirms and issues an order. “I want to be the one yelling in front and asking people to get on their knees” He says. “What is this, dad? You won’t do any of that. Let any soldier doJose refuses, but Archer insists, earnest and honest.

They look at each other and Jose ends up nodding his head and moving. Abumani smiles and bows his head slightly as he bows to his ruling friend. “Thanks. Now get ready and get ready, Governor,” Thanks archer.

Recently, Record TV was the subject of a video on the Observatório da TV channel on Youtube. paying off:

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