May 28, 2024

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Erica Schneider is eliminated from A Fazenda 13 with 30.24% of the vote - A Fazenda

Erica Schneider is eliminated from A Fazenda 13 with 30.24% of the vote – A Fazenda

farm 13 Come to the end for Erica Schneider! The person was eliminated from competition in the live program on Thursday (7), with 30.24% of the vote. The dancer lost the feud against Diane Melo and Thiago Piccolo for audience preference in a vote held on

a The formation of the third Roca It happened on Tuesday (5). Farmer Gui Araujo shown Rich Melquiades. by 7 votes, Erica Schneider had the most votes at Headquarters and pulled out Thiago Picuelo da Paya. With the power of the red flame in hand, Bill Araujo announced to his teammates that there would be no Resta Um dynamics. The pawn should refer to the fourth Rosero and Choose Diane Milo.

form, in turn, sentence or judgment on Thiago Picuelo to participate in the farmer’s test. after, after Wins In a hat dispute, Rico Melquiades ditched the popular vote.

During confinement, Erica Schneider was the hero of many struggles, but she was not shaken and even won a position farms. However, the state of the ballerina pissed some of the participants. In her defense, Erica claimed that men do not know how to listen to a woman.

a recommendation Erica’s Mosonzinho quenched his thirst, too. Even after the actor left, colleagues demanded a refund from the farmer, who said that she acted with her heart.

But the dancer did not live only from the controversy! Erica made friends at the headquarters next to Aline MineiroAnd Diane Melo NS Rico Melquiades. Pedestrians together showed that friends also fight and experience different emotions in reality.

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Between the bullshit and the blasts, Erica Schneider became the third player to be eliminated this season.

Continue farm 13! The reality show airs Monday through Friday at 10:45 p.m.; Saturday after the series origin And the Sunday after Wonderful Sunday!

The signing of the Play Plus And access to the 24-hour broadcast of farm 13.