June 19, 2024

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Solange Almeida reveals that she considered giving up her career: ‘Panic and Anxiety crises’

Solange Almeida (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

the singer Solange Almeida, 47, opened his heart during an appearance on DVD by Walkyria Santos. On stage, she revealed that she considered leaving her career after experiencing anxiety and panic attacks.

“It’s even such a thing, it’s hard to say, but I’ve already made up my mind that I won’t sing again and that I’m going to end my career. But everyone asked to come back and Walkyria called … Not everything you see on the social network, because sometimes we show something on the Internet, and sometimes with joy that we are not,” Solange sometimes said.

After the artist’s statement, her fans and followers were shocked. To put it better, Almeida said through his social network on Friday (8): “Everyone knows that singing has always been my life and my passion and will always be. But for a while, we’ve been living a normal life, from concerts, and we were surprised by this epidemic, which I was looking To him, yes, on the bright side. I was more at home with my family and discovered a side, hitherto unknown, and I got used to it. And when I saw everything improved, I wondered if I was ready to go back. And I stayed there with Little House Syndrome, because I used a lot to my home and my family.”

“I’m being watched because I had anxiety attacks, I had panic syndrome to leave the house and even picking up my cell phone was hard. But thanks to God and my tremendous faith, I have the affection of my friends, the care of my family, and the patience of fans. Wait for me in 2022, the owner comes up with everything and our story It’s not over yet, it’s just beginning.”

“When someone talks about an anxiety or panic crisis, don’t criticize, because only who knows is who lives. It’s very difficult guys, I just know. I saw the microphone and didn’t want to pick it up and people charged me when I was going to record or produce music or video And I couldn’t, because I was so closed and so isolated in my world, that I didn’t want to. But thank God it’s all gone,” he concluded.

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