May 28, 2024

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Adriano Perez, the future president of Petrobras, advocates the creation of a fuel fund.  See the phrases |  Economie

Adriano Perez, the future president of Petrobras, advocates the creation of a fuel fund. See the phrases | Economie

If confirmed, Peres will be the third president of Petrobras in the administration of Jair Bolsonaro. Before Silva e Luna, the position was held by Roberto Castelo Branco.

To head the state-owned company’s board of directors, Bolsonaro nominated Rodolfo Landim, the current president of Flamengo. He will replace Admiral Eduardo Basilar Lil Ferreira, who asked to leave in order to devote himself to his family.

Although nominated by the government, the economist has opinions contrary to those of Paulo Guedes. saucer, for example, Advocates to keep pace with the price policy of state-owned enterprises with international prices. However, he states that it is necessary to mitigate the rise in consumer prices and suggests the use of public money.

Bolsonaro fires General Silva and Luna as Petrobras, appoints economist Adriano Perez

In his recent public comments, Byers advocated using dividends to create a stabilization fund to avoid going through consumer prices during times of strong oil price hikes.

“The fund will not solve the problem of high fuel prices,” he said in an interview last November. “But it will help with two things: reduce volatility, that is, there will be no such fast passage of the consumer. And it can reduce the price a little bit.”

In a live broadcast by FPE Debate last month, Byers stated that the price of a barrel will be set at twice the current price, which is $100.

“We should hope that the price of oil will reach $200 because oil has become a great source of income for Brazil,” he said.

In an interview with g1 in February, Peres said the increase in fuel prices was driven by rising demand around the world. to the executive branch, The current pricing policy of the state-owned company is “populist”.

“Power production does not work with the ‘on and off’ button, it takes time. First of all, it is the price that balances the supply and demand curve.”

In early March, the executive also warned that Brazil was in danger of running out of fuel. Sufficient to supply its vehicles and machinery if it continues to charge a price completely different from the international market price in the domestic market.

“What worries me is not gasoline at R$12 per liter, what worries me today is the shortage,” Adriano Pires said in an interview with GloboNews. “It is the risk of having a price inside Brazil that is very different from the price that is exercised abroad.”

To increase access to the gas cylinder, Peres said last year that the solution would be Social Tariff Implementation – Low-income families pay less than other consumers.

“Gas vouchers should work like transportation vouchers: an e-card is only valid for the purchase of gas cylinders. If you simply increase the value of the Bolsa Família, that family with a pent-up demand will not necessarily buy gas. They can buy other products.