June 23, 2024

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The science of water scarcity may end in April

The National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) announced last Friday (25) that Brazilian consumers will receive electricity bills for an additional month under the banner of water scarcity, but April is expected to be the last month.

The flag is “more serious” than red 2, which is a 49.63% rise for it. An additional RRL 14.20 is charged for every 100 kWh consumed per month.

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Social Tariff: Who is entitled to a discount of up to 65% on the electricity bill?


This tariff system is a fee that is applied to electricity bills when the cost of energy production increases. It should be noted that this same rate also occurred in 2021, due to the energy crisis.

The main source of energy in Brazil is hydroelectricity, which accounts for 90% of the energy consumed in the country. The first condition for this production is the flow of rivers, that is, the volume of water available.

This means that in periods of less rainfall, the power generation of hydroelectric power plants decreases, and thus the cost of production increases.

Could it be that the electric bill got cheaper months ago?

There are indications of that. There was an expectation that as rainfall returned and reservoir levels increased, Aneel could anticipate the end of the most expensive flag. This is because with the increase in production at hydroelectric power plants, it will not be necessary to use thermal plants that cost more.

However, the costs of the energy crisis will still fall on consumers. Until the end of April, the water scarcity tariff flag will be in effect, the same date that was announced at the start of the collection, in September 2021.

About the social tariff

For households that benefit from the social tariff, the green flag will continue to be on the electricity bill in April. Those covered by this feature have no additional energy costs.

According to Anil, 13.1 million families took part in the program in January. The agency estimates that another 10.6 million households will be able to receive the deductions after the automatic enrollment of families registered in the Single Registry and in Continuing Cash Benefit (BPC).

Do you want to know if you are entitled to this discount? Check the rules on our site Full article on social tariff.

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