July 19, 2024

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After a makeover worthy of a TV series, Pedro Castro is eliminated from No Limite

After a makeover worthy of a TV series, Pedro Castro is eliminated from No Limite

After A . Championship Discussion on the last portal with Ninha SanthiagoPedro Castro became the seventeenth to be removed from the Unlimited 6. The animal technician lost the R500,000 prize when he burst into tears over the fight, saying he regretted the way he dealt with the former participant. He apologized, and fellow Estrella tribesmen overheard him, but his position was judged as a repeat offender.

“Thank you so much for being a part of this experience which has been the most incredible experience of our lives. It was so nice to have you as competitors, I learned from each of you, from everyone’s life story. I hope our friendship will last for many, many years,” thanks after sorting pings.

Everyone voted for the animal husbandry doctor, except for Pedro himself. “Lucas, I’m with you and the people from the original Sol game. I hope you are very strong and focused to win this match. We’ll see you soon,” Castro concluded, confirming that his alliance with Victor Hugo, Charles Gama and Ipojucan Ícaro was over after the three decided his nomination.

write-off gate

Before the ceremony, Pedro tried to adopt the strategy in which he was going to find additional immunity, something that was already there It was previously performed in the program. The idea, however, did not work, since The new idol was rescued by Ipojucan Ícaro Secretly.

Having won an immunity test, the circus artist tried to give Victor an extra benefit, but Fernando Fernandez, the show’s presenter, objected to him.

Finally, Pedro ended up being eliminated from the match due to the previous gate, in which he lost control and argued with Ninha Santiago. The two traded barbs on the occasion because, according to an animal husbandry expert, a former fellow from Tribo Sol accused him of orchestrating an alliance to get the girls out of the game, something she herself denied.

After the flame was extinguished, Pedro Castro rated the program’s experience as “transcendental.”

Every minute I was here I was in my body and soul. I’m in a mixture of longing, wanting to stay, wanting to go home, which I don’t know what it is. This is me: I am this mix of feelings, I scream, I talk, I live. It was really worth it, I am very happy.

Proof of Excellence

The competition included throwing balls into gutters, crossing a rope circuit, and extracting sand. In the end, it was still a mystery, like most circuits of the season. Flavia Assis managed to take the lead, while Pedro Castro was the last in the first stage. Lucas Santana, in turn, was the first to reach the third stage.

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Finally, Santana won the contest and celebrated with shouts. The competition gave the contestant a pillow, soap, hairbrush, blanket and, to everyone’s surprise, a slider giving the clue written: “Want immunity? Find it.” Immediately, the doctoral student in physics began to search for the additional idol, but was surprised by Pedro, who noticed the movement and began to search as well.

Lucas invited Victor Hugo and Charles, and sent them to search, Pedro also noticed the movement. After Charles’s warning, Ipojucan Ícaro was also included in the search and ended up finding the extra idol.

Immunology test

The competition involved balancing a statue on top of a pillar. The participants needed to hold the pole above their heads while balancing on a platform that was gradually weakening. Clicio Barbosa was the first to be eliminated. Flavia and Andrea Nascimento later left.

As Charles Gama left the game, so did Victor and Lucas. Ipojucan and Pedro competed in the competition final, but the circus artist ended up winning and won the immunity privilege.

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