September 23, 2023

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Nahim asks a gay couple to get into a reality show on RecordTV

Nahim asks a gay couple to get into a reality show on RecordTV

while forming The second DR from “Power Couple 6”Tonight, singer Naim took advantage of his voting moment to claim the entry of the LGBTQIA+ couple in the next editions of reality show From RecordTV. The artist’s statement, which kept presenter Adrien Galistio speechless, came hours after he called participant Matthews Sampaio a “bichon*”.

Shortly after giving Galisteu a vote, the singer made a mistake in abbreviating the LGBTQIA+ community and also suggested pointing to his brother’s entry – who is married to a trans woman – in the next edition of reality of spouses.

I want to apply to the direction. Next year we will have a LGBTQIA + LGBT couple. Anyway, there may be a gay couple here. I can even nominate my brother’s wife, Lisa Gomez, who is married to my brother Paulo Roberto. Lisa is trans, a wonderful woman. So, it’s time to break this model.

While the “Power Couple 6” presenter remained silent, Matthews Sampaio expressed himself remembering that the artist called him “bichon*” during the discussion. He asked me, “When you called me a shish * what was it?”

However, Naim ignored the question of the resident of the Palace of Power and continued his demonstration by declaring his vote for the Baronsa and Rogerio couple.


At the center of a discussion featuring businesswoman Andrea Andrade and influencer Brenda BaixawSinger Naim and influencer Mateus Sampaio – partners of the participants who fought – began to exchange crimes.

“Nahim, call the house sounds,” Matthews Sampaio provoked, referring to his already being in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the desire to engage the singer. “A coward, you’re a coward, boy,” cried Andrea Andrade. “Coward” is the bliss of reinforcement. He responded to the former with the phrase “playing with fire”: “The clown” blew the singer up. “Let’s go to a doctor. Do you think I’m afraid of you?” asked Brenda’s partner.

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After this, Nahim had to be separated from Mateus Sampaio by the other inhabitants of the Palace of Power to avoid physical contact. However, he did not fail to utter anti-gay words to the influencer.

fucking idiot. Damn you, you yellow-faced coward**. Peita my wife again you will see. You son of a bitch, punk *****, Bichon*.

“What am I?” asked Matthew Sampaio. “Bishon,” cried Nahem. “That’s it. Let’s go to the doctor. Call the house sounds,” reinforced the previous “playing with fire” request. “Coward of the car **,” continued swearing at the singer.

RecordTV showcased the fight during the live (18th) edition of “Power Couple” on Wednesday. Nahim’s anti-gay rhetoric by Mathews Sampaio is covered by the sleep effect of “PI”.

Reflection, repercussions

On social media, “Power Couple” fans considered Naim’s statement a “hypocritical” way to tone down his anti-gay rhetoric during the discussion with Matheus Sampaio.

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