July 19, 2024

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Arlindo Cruz needs hospitalization in a hurry and undergoes new surgery: ‘CVA’

Arlindo Cruz needs hospitalization in a hurry and undergoes new surgery: ‘CVA’


Sambista was admitted to a hospital in western Rio de Janeiro and underwent surgery to adjust the valve in the brain

Photo: Arlindo Cruz's official Instagram reproduction
Photo: Arlindo Cruz’s official Instagram reproduction

a Singer Arlindo Cruz has fans worried When entering the hospital unexpectedly At Samaritano Hospital, which is located in Barra da Tijuca, west of Rio de Janeiro. to me Newspaper additionalHey samba dancer Went for routine exams and had to undergo a procedure Adjust the “LED in the brain”.

According to the portal, the information was confirmed by ArlindinoAnd the Artist’s sonwho assured everyone in an interview: “It is not a surgery, but a procedure. My father is already in the room.”. If everything goes as expected, the expectations are that samba dancer63, will be laid off later this week next Thursday (30).

Five years ago, in 2017, Arlindo Cruz suffered a cerebrovascular accident (CVA). that left supplementations. At that time, as a result of what happened, the The artist spent a long time in the hospital: hospitalization took more than a year; From there to here Four years of treatment He is still at home as a result of his stroke at the age of 58.

In March of this year, Arlindo Cruz’s wife, Papy Cruz’s flag bearer Opening his heart to his followers Instagram And move everyone by remembering the date on which he completed five years Sambista suffers from a serious stroke. On the joint record, the muse appeared next to her husband and commented that he is It works 14 times In these five years.

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Exactly five years ago, Arlindo was taking a shower when he had a cerebrovascular accident (CVA). For me, it’s a rebirth… when you close your eyes and see that your life is different. Feeling afraid of losing the person you love… for me is a victory, yeah”she said at the time.