June 16, 2024

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After action by the states, Petrobras said she is not considering a price freeze

After action by the states, Petrobras said she is not considering a price freeze

Marketing and Logistics Manager at PetrobrasClaudio Mastella said this Friday (29) that the state-owned company is not considering freezing the price of fuel. According to him, the action will lead to a “mismatch” with the international market, which could cause harm to the company.

The Leader’s statement, during a press conference, on the same day as the National Council for Fiscal Policy (CONFAZ), formed by government and state representatives, Agree to a 90-day freeze on the state tax on trade in goods and services (ICMS) Charged on fuel sales.

We are not thinking of freezing prices. Doing so would mean taking Brazilian fuel out of the international price, cutting prices in the country. This could lead to two problems: on the other hand, a market that is in short supply or Petrobras having to supply 100% of the market at a higher cost. Moreover, this goes against legislation and moves to bring more competition and investment into the Brazilian market,” said Claudio Mastila.

During the press conference, Petrobras President Silva e Luna said in response to CNN The company’s actions seek to “help” the “most vulnerable” truck drivers, according to the president. He also confirmed that he does not feel pressure in the position.

“We are always watching carefully and trying to be as effective as possible to help the most vulnerable truck drivers who depend on these products. We also participated in conversations to understand how the conference could improve the situation. We know Congress and the government are considering solutions that seek to help truck drivers. And Petrobras is on the lookout.” In terms of feeling the pressure, no, but I get that effect and see how Petrobras can be more sensitive to everything that happens,” emphasized Silva e Luna.

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Being the “villain” in rising fuel prices, Petrobras has been keen to bolster its social character. According to Director of Corporate Relations and Sustainability, Roberto Anderdingi stated that the company currently helps maintain 120 projects in 700 communities, including initiatives aimed at environmental protection, community relations, entrepreneurship, children’s education and personnel training. “There is no allergy, on the contrary. There are a lot of allergies,” he said.

They also asserted that they are among the largest, if not the largest, taxpayers in Brazil. In the accounts of the Financial Council, headed by CEO Rodrigo Araujo Alves, is due to end in 2021 after he paid 180 billion R$ in taxes.