December 6, 2023

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After arguing with Zé Neto, Anitta will win by tattooing her anus

After arguing with Zé Neto, Anitta will win by tattooing her anus

the singer Anita29 years old, will benefit from The controversy was sparked by fellow countryman Ze Neto, from the duo with Cristiano, about his tattoo on the anus to the “invoice”.

During a press conference with reporters, before performing at rock in rio Lisbon, Portugal, the artist was asked about the controversy and how the tattoo was inadvertently responsible Exposing suspicious employment cases of rural singers shows, some of them are now in the crosshairs of the Public Prosecution.

According to Anitta, she is not happy that there is “a struggle between different rhythms” and artists of different genres, but since Zé Neto has added fuel to the fire, she will take the opportunity to increase her bank account even more, and will launch a product related to tattoos on the anus, without specifying Exactly what it is or when it was released.

“Look, I was amazed. [com essa polêmica]. I hate this fight between tunes and artists. I think that Song You must unite the people.”[Porém]I took advantage of this to make money. I will launch a product. I will use this to earn a ‘plus’. People took advantage of it, and now I’m going to take advantage of it too. at this time [quando eu lançar o produto]”I will talk more about my tattoos,” he added.


In March 2021, Anita made the news by showing a photo of her with a tattoo on her anus. newly, The topic resurfaced after sertanejo Zé Neto commented on funkeira’s free willit’s over He caused a crisis in the countryside that hit his co-worker Gustavo Lima. Later, the funk girl stabbed Cristiano’s music partner for Arousal due to “tattoo in tororó”.

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To record the art in her intimate area, the singer hired tattoo artist Lucas Maffei for this position. The splashthe professional said that at first, the artist sought to give another artistic touch to her body already, but Carioca chose to make a new one, this time on the buttocks.

According to Maffei, the tattoo by Anita is “extremely painful”, but the situation in which the singer was, in all respects, “contributed” to the successful implementation of the procedure.

Crisis in Srtanejo

Zé Neto targeted Anitta’s intimate tattoo and ended up hitting country singers straight, which is what happened It sparked a crisis among artists of this kind.

After Cristiano’s music partner provoked Anita, dozens of suspicious contracts appeared on social media between Sertanios and several cities in order to hold expensive shows, paid with public money. Among others, Presentations by Gusttavo Lima, Wesley Safadão and Xand Avião canceled by court order The other contracts are under investigation by the Public Prosecution.