May 29, 2024

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Graciele Lacerda appears in a white bikini at the pool and turns up the temperature

Graciele Lacerda appears in a white bikini at the pool and turns up the temperature

Graciel Larda on social media (Image: Instagram / Instagram)

Musa Fitness Graciel Lacerda He’s back to show off beauty and fitness on social media. Singer’s wife Zizi de Camargo He stole the show by appearing in the pool. Wearing a white bikiniShe seems to be thinking of the moment and receiving water from the local waterfalls.

In explaining the post, I left a message of gratitude. “We are very young and yet God sees us and pours blessings every day. The famous woman, who has received thousands of likes on her posts, said, Thank you, my God, for life, for another day and for giving me the strength to go on. In the comment box, as usual, fans and friends left heartfelt messages filled with Praised. “Live is a gift! May God bless your life and days beautiful woman,” commented one netizen.

Watch Graciele Lacerda’s social media post:

Famous body talk

Still talking about Graciele Lacerda, it’s important to remember that the muse, who is a personal trainer, was given an exclusive interview with Quem magazine. On that occasion, the celebrity told some details about her sports life, which, according to her, began when she was 29 years old.

“I was a very skinny teenager, and I started working out to gain body. Until I was 29, I would say I worked on eating, however, after I turned 30, I realized that my metabolism wasn’t what it used to be. And I thought it was time to find a nutritionist. That’s when I found out I was fake skinny, because my body fat index was way too high. During the consultation, I was introduced to nutritional re-education, which is the pattern that I follow today, a diet without nerves, without too many restrictions, with real food and balance,” said the wife of Zize de Camargo.

beauty care

Also during the interview for the publication, Zezé Di Camargo’s wife commented on her daily life and the care she usually takes with her health and fitness.

“I really liked stuffed biscuits, until I learned to read labels and analyze the ingredients of industrial products. Little by little I left, by choice, many things that I realized would not add to me like sweets and soda. Nowadays, if I feel like eating a biscuit, I eat it, but it’s very choppy And not as a complete package as in the past,” concluded the fitness inspiration.