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Anita shuts down a rock in Rio Lisbon in light of strong political tension - 06/26/2022 - Photographer

Anita shuts down a rock in Rio Lisbon in light of strong political tension – 06/26/2022 – Photographer

The sky was still clear when Anitta made waves to the sound of hitting “Vai Malandra” and riding on a motorbike, repeated in another entrance show that won North American audience at Coachella in April. This Sunday, the 26th, the audience was still from another country, but this time they spoke the same language as the singer.

The show given on the last day of rock music in Rio Lisbon just came before Rapper Post What colorresponsible for concluding the first edition of the event since the pandemic began, but he was the only one to get loud choruses from the European audience, and he was more conservative than the Brazilian audience.

The hits and collaborations the singer has had on her quest across other regions in Latin America, the United States, and Europe in recent years have been good in presentation, but what really set off Anita’s night were the songs that made her grow in the country she was born in.

Sertanejo, brega, and the various funk rhythms that she’s explored throughout her career have dominated the show that has made Rock in Rio a Brazilian corner of Europe for just over an hour.

But Brazil’s presence at the festival extrapolated the songs of Anita – as well as the songs of other Brazilians invited to the version, such as Neymar MatogrossoAnd the RebeccaJohnny Hooker and Francisco, ho man.

Topics like elections, and President Jair Bolsonaro (PL)Hey Amazon deforestation and kill Bruno Pereira and Dom Philips In the region she also made frequent appearances at the Cidade do Rock at the end of the last week of presentations, although Roberta Medina, who is in charge of the Portuguese version of the event, says she doesn’t think politics is done that way.

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“I think politics is done in conversation, not on stage,” he said in an interview on Saturday, 25. For art more than a political situation, no one can do the political defense on stage.” However, she said the only direction the festival gave the orchestras was to put on a good show.

But even on Anita’s stage, the topic came up when she repeated her cry Ott, Bolsonaro. Made in Coachella. In an interview with Brazilian and Portuguese journalists before the show, the singer also spoke about the Amazon. “The Amazon is our country’s greatest treasure, and people treat it like it’s nothing,” he said. “It is unacceptable that this place is dangerous for people to visit.”

Earlier the same day, Pernambuco Johnny Hooker He also called for the present to leave power and accused him of deliberately delaying Delivery of vaccines against Covid-19 In the country, as well as waving a towel over Lola’s face – repeating what he did Pablo Vitar in Lollapalooza Brazil this year.

Also on Saturday, Nye Matogrosso performed without verbal appearances, but with reverence for Aboriginal videos swiping across his screen. Like Hooker, Francisco’s group, the humber was more visible when he sang his songs “Bolso Nada” and “Arranca a Cabeça do Rei”, which ask Bolsonaro’s head to vote.

Backstage, the audience also yelled out against the president at all of the presentations by artists from Brazil in the final weekend of the event – the same movement seen in the latest edition of Lollapalooza, but this time extrapolating the Brazilian frontier.

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The reporter, invited by Roc, traveled to Rio Lisbon