June 24, 2024

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After being eliminated from BBB 22, Naiara Azevedo knocked out the dynamic in the middle of the class |  At present

After being eliminated from BBB 22, Naiara Azevedo knocked out the dynamic in the middle of the class | At present

Tado Schmidt talks with the former brothers and says that they will have a very important participation in the program. First, the eight graduates had to choose the leader of the excluded. Rodrigo was elected by the majority.

Nayara comments that she does not agree with her brother’s choice as leader, but since it was the decision of the majority, that’s fine. Rodrigo asks if the singer is angry and she replies “I am not, no, I am, it was a short time we lived together, did you not notice?”.

Tadeu explains that they’re going to eliminate one of the former BBBS’s from the dynamics, and the voting begins:

Rodrigo Vote for Nayara Azevedo
Bruna Gonçalves Vote for Nayara Azevedo
barbaric Vote for Nayara Azevedo
Nayara Azevedo Vote for Barbara
Jade Bacon Vote for Nayara Azevedo
Vinicius Vote for Larissa
Larissa Vote for Nayara Azevedo
Lucian Vote for Nayara Azevedo

“6 votes for Nayara. She won’t be involved in the dynamic,” Tado warns the audience.

Check out the previous siblings’ rationale for voting:

Brunna Gonçalves justifies that she chose Naiara Azevedo to watch a video in which the singer could have called a witch. Nayara Azevedo then replied: “But in fact (…) I saw Jade and Bruna, in the kitchen, making fun of me. I saw many things.”

Niara takes the opportunity to explain that Rodrigo spoke very poorly of her, and that the ex-brother wanted to know what was said and the singer commented: “Wow, do you have memory loss? Do you want me to give you a call to my doctor?”

Barbara votes for Nayara Azevedo, arguing that she is corrupt and still points out: “When I left, she gave me something like Pamona, etc… I considered it a joke. I joined the joke because I thought it was a joke.” He went on, “I got spoiled.. .don’t be a hypocrite.”

Jade Picon justifies her vote by commenting that Nayara Azevedo would have asked for a dressing room only for her. Nayara explained that she had all the preparations for participating in the program, that she had to do her own makeup and that the consultant did her hair.

Vinicius votes for Larissa. “Inside the house, on her day, she hugged me, and said nice things. And when I came out, I knew it was completely different.” The digital influencer justifies herself: “You let yourself be influenced by Ellie.”

Larissa and Vinicius try to solve their problems – Photo: Globo

Nayara Azevedo during the live show – Photo: Globo

Voting for Nayara, Larissa said, “When I left the house, I was joking so hard. But I saw a post from her that I don’t know if she was spoiled or sorry for Larissa.”

The singer concludes: “People are in me what they sow in me.”

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