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An extreme exoplanet has a more complex atmosphere than previously thought

Posted on 01/28/2022 16:19

These studies could change the way astronomers search for exoplanets – (Credit: BIBIANA PRINOTH)

One of the most extreme planets known is much more complex than previously thought. Researchers from the University of Bern, the University of Geneva and the National Center for Research Competence (NCCR) analyzed the atmosphere of extrasolar planet WASP-189b found that it can be multilayered, just like Earth. The study was published in natural astronomy (You can read it in full at this link) This Thursday (27/1).

In the case of the Earth, the planet has five layers, each of which has a function, such as the troposphere, where most atmospheric phenomena occur, and the stratosphere, which contains the ozone layer that protects us from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. .

In the case of WASP-189b, the researchers found the presence of titanium oxide, which can play a role similar to the ozone layer on Earth. In addition, scientists discovered that the presence of other gases in the planet’s atmosphere varied in relation to the researchers’ expectations, which for them may indicate that each gas is in different layers. These findings could change the way astronomers research exoplanets.

WASP-189b is located outside the Solar System and is located 322 light-years from Earth. It is a planet similar to Jupiter. In the analysis, scientists found that the planet is 20 times closer to its host star than Earth is to the sun and has a daytime temperature of 3200 degrees Celsius.

Exoplanets are planets located outside the solar system. It is already known The existence of more than 4 thousand planets of this type.

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