May 28, 2024

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Poliana Abreta hastily removed from Fantástico and causes a rush at Globo Notícias da TV

Poliana Abreta hastily removed from Fantástico and causes a rush at Globo Notícias da TV

Presenter Poliana Abrita Did not order Fantastic This Sunday (26). The 46-year-old journalist experienced flu-like symptoms with her husband, Chico and Alkasir. As per protocol, the station chose to take it out of the e-magazine, causing a rush behind the scenes. Ana Paula Araujo has been chosen to replace her at the front of life view.

The accelerated exchange is not touched upon in Fantástico. Anna Paula simply appeared on the stage of gravity and ordered it, without any reference to her estranged classmate. Poliana and Anna Paola confirmed the information in Straight from the Pop TV website. On her Instagram, the official anchor stated that she will be seeing the cuteness from home.

“There is no sofa, I’ll snuggle up in the hammock to wait for the show da Vida that takes over today my dear Ana Paula Araujo! And look, I left you a gift! I think it’s in the second block! Check this out, director?”, wrote Poliana, who recorded the traditional frame In which he interviewed teens (who were children to begin with) and asked the same 100 questions.

Anna Paula celebrated this opportunity: “Half-end! Soon there is Show da Vida, I wish everyone!”. During the week, Poliana Abreta co-produced Sunday’s edition and naturally made headlines. But in the past few hours, he’s starting to feel uncomfortable.

Currently, Rio de Janeiro is experiencing an influenza crisis due to the growth of H3N2, a type of H1N1 influenza. Because symptoms are similar with respect to coronavirus, the Globo Protocol recommends that a professional stay home and seek shelter.

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Poliana Abreta has been at the helm of Fantastic since 2015. During At the age of six, he partnered with Tado Schmidt. Since November, his partner is Maju Coutinho. They make history: for the first time, Globo online magazine has two women in chargewithout any man. Ex-Journal anchor Hueji is on respite – she will present the first edition of 2022 herself, so she was unable to replace her teammate on Sunday.

wanted by the newsGlobo has not yet responded to the contact. If you do, the article will be updated.

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