September 24, 2023

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Ana Furtado terminates her contract with Globo after 26 years |  TV and series

Ana Furtado terminates her contract with Globo after 26 years | TV and series

Anna Furtado announced on Monday (11) that she has terminated her contract with Globo. The actress and presenter wrote: “After 26 years of a very happy partnership, filled with learning, respect and success, goodbye Globo.”

Globo stated that the partnership was terminated by mutual agreement and that “Ana, however, in light of the new talent management model, continues to open doors for the integration of new projects across our multiple platforms.”

She made her network debut in the opening film “Explode Coração” in 1995 and starred in “Hunting Talent” (1996 to 1998), in the TV series “Pecado capital” (1998), and in the mini-series “Quintos dos infernos” (2002). He was also a reporter for “Video show” and “Fantástico”.

Her last major project at Globo was the ‘É de casa’ programme, and her last entry in the ‘Dança dos Famosos’ competition was on ‘Domingão’.

“I wish life would always continue to surprise me. And let the rest of my story begin.” A week ago, I already wrote this realizing that, in fact, it was a beautiful moment for me to start over. After 26 years of a very happy partnership, full of learning, respect and success, I would like to say goodbye to Globo. I’ve been thinking about leaving for new dreams for a long time, and at the beginning of this year, I felt it was time to take that step.

I spoke to this company that gave me so much, listened to me, respected my wishes, and with great affection asked me to pass the baton to the new É de Casa team, a project I helped build and now has a new air. What I did with so much love. I also got a beautiful gift: the Domingão invitation, which gave me an almost poetic ending: at this station I started dancing, at the opening of the Explode Coração soap opera in 1995, and ended up like this, dancing happily, at the final of Dança dos Famosos. But I am impossible!

I chose to go through all of this and close this circle to say goodbye. I leave confident that I have always given myself completely, with dedication and happiness in everything I have done here, both as an actress and as a broadcaster. the most beautiful? The affection and love that I receive from you shows me that everything marked not only my life, but the lives of so many people. Since Ponto a Ponto in 1996, from Caça Talentos in 1997, it has been 8 years of unforgettable video presentation, series, series and mini-series. Or even in the moments when I was chosen, with pride, to lead the programs of my friends Angelica, Ana Maria Braga and Fatima Bernardes. Which has always been a source of pride and appreciation for me for my work. I am very grateful to this company that gave me so much and that not only respected this desire but also showed itself to be open to future projects.

It’s time for a change it’s time for a change it’s time to move on. To put new dreams into practice. I’m still happy… See you soon. “

After 26 years of successful partnership, Globo and Ana Furtado, by mutual agreement, terminate the fixed contract. However, in the face of a new talent management model, Ana continues to open doors to incorporate new ventures into Ana Furtado which debuted at Globo in 1995 and established her history in the company as an actress and presenter.During these years she acted in several roles in serials and series, and presented many diverse programs, such as “É de Casa” and “Vídeo Show” as well as paintings from the movie “Fantastic”.