May 25, 2024

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The last DR of the season has been formed

The last DR of the season has been formed

Husbands Brenda and Matthews, Lou Wehaddad, Carol and Mosonzinho They are in the last DR of “Power Couple 6”.

One pair is leaving the show tomorrow and the other two go to the final, along with Adriana and Albert.

DR was formed today without an open vote for the first time this season. Adriana and Albert won the last race, divided into stages, eliminating the possibility of elimination.

The three losing pairs went straight to the hot seat.


The final exam consists of several stages, indicated by the four elements.

Each stage had 2 winning pairs. In the end, each stage of the circuit was assigned a score, fortunately. Pairs are drawn randomly and colored balls – with a predetermined score – selected for each stage.

Adriana and Albert scored 750 points, compared to 700 for Carroll and Mosonzinho, runner-up.

Check the order of the elements circuit test:

1: Adriana and Albert

2: Carol and Mosonzinho

3: Lou and Haddad

4: Brenda and Matthews


Live, the couples justified why they should be in the show finalists.

Brenda and Matthews wondered, “We’re in round eight, we’re not proud. We’re one step away from the final and we really want to ask you to vote a lot, our big dream and our final gas.”

Carroll and Mosonzinho said: “It took a while to get here, we ran away, but now there was no solution.

“Living a strong couple was the craziest and most intense experience we could ever have,” Lou and Haddad said. “This is a dream for us and it’s just up to you.”

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Tomorrow, the season finale will be formed.

The powerful duo: Last DR has Brenda, Matheus, Lu, Hadad, Karol and Mussunzinho. Who do you want to stay?

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