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Are we all dead in the new sixth round?  Learn about the South Korean bloody series that appeared on Netflix - News Seen on the Web

Are we all dead in the new sixth round? Learn about the South Korean bloody series that appeared on Netflix – News Seen on the Web

Following the success of Round 6, We Are All Dead is a new South Korean Netflix series set in the zombie apocalypse.

It is not new that South Korean productions have been successful among the audience, the biggest proof of this is the sixth round, which has become the most watched series of all time on Netflix. In the wake of the trend, the streaming service last Friday launched the horror-thriller series All of Us Are Dead (“We’re All Dead,” subtitled), in which we follow a deadly epidemic of a zombie virus. Will you follow the success of the sixth round? AdoroCinema chapter What you need to know about the series.

Korean series on Netflix for those who haven’t watched them before

What is the story of we are all dead?

Like Netflix’s Prophecy from Hell series, the All Of Us Are Dead series builds on the success of the webtoon — a comic book that originated in South Korea — in this case. Now in our school.

In the story, a group of high school students who have to face a situation of extreme danger. Hyossan school routine continues as the zombie virus begins to spread rapidly. The survivors now find themselves doomed to be trapped within the school perimeter. As the hours go by, access to the outside world becomes more difficult, and stocks of food and weapons begin to dwindle, thus increasing the risk that each of the remaining students will be safe.

Trapped, they search for a way out while having to survive the zombie versions of their teachers and friends they lost along the way. Meanwhile, abroad, authorities are looking for ways to contain the spread of the virus, while scientists seek to understand the disease, and how humans behave into zombies, in order to produce a cure or at least slow down the infection. Choking, right?

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Why is korean drama so addictive?

We’re All Died in a new round six on Netflix?

Because of its violent and gory scenes, many people automatically compared We’re All Dead and Round Six – adding to the fact that both titles are from South Korea. It stands out for other reasons and can be compared, in fact, more with other products that have been a hit recently, especially with the zombie theme.

Survival stories in the zombie apocalypse are not new to the public. Therefore, in All of Us Are Dead there are many items from popular productions of the zombie genre such as Extermination, Dawn of the Dead, Nearly Dead, World War Z and of course The Walking Dead. South Korea itself is one of his inspirations, as is the acclaimed movie Zombie Invasion – which is even mentioned in the new Netflix series.

Using a common theme (the zombie apocalypse) along with gory and violent scenes (characteristics of many recent South Korean productions), All of Us Are Dead has everything to be as successful as Round 6, but with its own peculiarities. Screenwriter Seong-il Cheon and director Lee Jae-kyoo show an encounter between Korean high school students and zombie productions in South Korea, a scene different and more vibrant than what we’re used to in the genre. “The story that takes place in a school with immature children could be different from the typical zombie movie,” they said in an interview with kdramadiary.

The eight episodes of We are all dead Available in Netflix catalog.

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