December 9, 2023

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Arthur thinks about spending the night outside and gets scolded

Arthur thinks about spending the night outside and gets scolded

After some of the participants spent the entire afternoon near the Big Fone e Arthur Aguiar thinks about spending the night Next to the phone, the production of “BBB 22″ (TV Globo) The brothers scolded.

Attention, the rooms are designed for sleeping. Do not sleep outside the roomsAnd Informou o Big Boss.

Lin da Quebrada, Giselaan and Rodrigo Mossi who were talking in the pool area got frightened.

“Ah, what a scary one,” Jesse said after the statement. “Oh, I thought it was the glasses…” said Lena, confused. Douglas Silva, who was away talking to other brothers, read the letter again.

“Oh, you’re quarreling with me then, huh,” Lena remarked, remembering that she had slept on the sofa in the outside area. “Arthur… they’re talking about Arthur,” she analyzed, when she saw her brother next to the Big Phone.

Early, The actor told Jade that he was planning to spend the whole night over the phone.. Afraid to go to the wall, Arthur hoped that Big Fone would ring.

I guess he won’t play at dawn, but I’ll stay. I already ate like hell. I ate a lot of things just to stay until tomorrow. At dawn, when everyone is asleep, I’ll get my things and take a shower there and then I’ll be ready… I’ll stay here all nightAnd Actor revealed.

BBB 22: Arthur Aguiar tells Jade that he will spend the whole night next to Big Fone

Photo: Reproduction / Globoplay

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