July 20, 2024

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Tado Schmidt stammered when he announced a photo of Silvio Santos at BBB22

Tado Schmidt stammered when he announced a photo of Silvio Santos at BBB22

News Summary:

  • Silvio Santos’ picture has been placed in the boss’s room

  • Until Tado Schmidt stammered when he announced that the owner of SBT would be on the reality show

  • Thiago Abravanel is the leader of the week

Silvio Santos “entered” Globo. It was thanks to Thiago Abravanel, who became the BBB22’s Leader of the Week and took over the most coveted rooms by confined ones. As usual, family photos have been placed in place, and the owner of the SBT is in one of the photos. Tadao Schmidt even stumbled upon viewing the photo in the live version on Friday (28).

“You wanted to know the family photo, right? It’s there,” said the presenter, with a wide smile on his face.

Thiago took over the leader’s room in the early hours of Friday (28) After winning the race with Pedro Scobe. Arriving at the scene, he was thrilled to see his family photos.

In the room, all the Xepa members can see the moment the actor looked at the photos and make a point to show the photos to the other participants.

When he mentioned Silvio Santos, the brothers got excited and there was someone imitating the SBT owner’s voice.

Leader of the week

Yesterday’s show also showed Thiago Abravanel talking with Arthur Aguiar and Jade Bacon in the boss room about forming the next wall.

He has already made it clear that his main nomination option this week is Rodrigo Mossi, but he has not ruled out other possibilities, all from Beboca.

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