June 16, 2024

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Pakistani police seize 15 giraffes in Mangartiba resort, arrest two people for ill-treatment |  Rio de Janeiro

Pakistani police seize 15 giraffes in Mangartiba resort, arrest two people for ill-treatment | Rio de Janeiro

Two men responsible for animal conservation have been arrested in a flagrant crime and taken to the Federal Police Department in Rio, where a detailed report is filed for abuse, an offense under the Environmental Crimes Act. After that the men were released.

The seized animals were handed over to Ibama (Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources). In addition to the prisoners, representatives of Grupo Cataratas, the owner of Biopark, were taken to the police station.

As RJ2 showed on Wednesday (26), the action is part of the investigation by Federal Police Around Three of the 18 imported giraffes died from the African continent. The animals were kept for more than 75 days in a shed where they were trapped in an area of ​​40 square metres.

This Wednesday, agents of the Federal Police examined the conditions in which the giraffes were kept, in a shed inside the resort of Porto Belo, in Mangaratiba. There, the agents recorded the presence of Dirt accumulated on the floor of the booths and even injuries to animals.

In addition to the Federal Police, the Federal Public Prosecution Office is investigating the crime of mistreatment of the 15 giraffes still found in Magaratiba. The MPF also investigates whether the import of animals follows Brazilian and international standards.

“Both IBAMA and the Federal Police who were there today [quarta-feira] At the scene, he described the condition of the giraffes as a crime of abuse. For these reasons, those responsible for the Cataratas group were transferred to the Federal Police,” explained the Prosecutor General of the Republic Sergio Soyama.

On November 11 last year, 18 giraffes arrived in Rio on a huge plane. The import, the largest of the large animals that Brazil has ever made, has been approved by Ibama.

From the airport, they were transferred to Mangaratiba, two hours from Rio, and then to Portobello Resort & Safari, whose area is 300,000 square meters.

In a secluded area is the shed where the giraffes were. For more than 75 days, they stayed there with only sunlight streaming in through the windows, but the only attempt at a walk outdoors didn’t end well.

PF investigates deaths of three giraffes brought from South Africa

Outside, six broke through the fence, escaped and were caught again. He died three hours later.

Giraffes haven’t been out in the open since December 14. Each booth of 40 square meters has three giraffes. The animals are expected to be out in the open in the coming days.

“It’s a process of transition, of getting used to, where the animal needs to create a positive relationship with the new handler, with the new team. And after this process, which can take a month, or two, or three, or even six years depending on on an individual level, they gain confidence And security slowly, so they can come here,” said Claudio Mas, BioParque Technical Director.

After the renovations, the space was opened under another name, BioParque, with the proposal to establish a conservation center. This was the largest import of large animals ever by Brazil, according to several wildlife organizations.

It was necessary to hire a jumbo jet to bring in 18 giraffes. As part of a conservation project, officials say, they came from special reserves for sustainable wildlife management and were not captured in the wild.

They also state that the local institution has been approved by the Brazilian and South African competent authorities.

“The purpose of these animals coming to Brazil is to create a genetic pool for the revitalization of the Brazilian population. Part of these animals (…) go to BioParque or other care providers in accordance with the genetic recommendations of zoo groups that work with these animals, today, in Brazil ” , says Claudio Maas.

Animals from nature

the IBAMA It is licensed with the seal of CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna. The same letter appears in the list of animals: w, from Wild, Wilde in English.

Classification is carried out by Cites, which designates the symbol W – animals taken from nature. The IBAMA decree states that the import of exotic wild animals from hunting and destined for trade will not be permitted.

Three institutions filed a lawsuit in the Rio de Janeiro court on Tuesday (25) asking for clarification and the collection of a fine of R$50,000 per day, in addition to R$1 million for collective damages, due to the death of the three giraffes.

says Mauricio Forlani, project manager at Ampara Animals.

Conservation projects for these species usually have a plan with the participation of other zoos.

says Mara Cristina Marquez, president of the Association of Aquariums and Zoos in Brazil.

Ibama said it was aware of the situation and would investigate any wrongdoing by the importer.