June 20, 2024

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Arthur asks Thiago to convince Lina to vote for Larissa

Arthur asks Thiago to convince Lina to vote for Larissa

Lucas, Gustavo and Arthur continue to analyze the dynamics ofBBB 22″ (TV Globo) for the next wall. Lucas, who was already immune, admitted he would vote for Thiago, however, he changed his mind.

In a conversation with Gustavo, the medical student realized that facing the public feud with Larissa, rather than Thiago Abravanel, could allow him to stay in the game.

This way, they team up with Arthur to try and count the votes that Thiago will get from Lollipop and that Larissa will get from the rest of the house.

To close the account, the trio realized that Lina’s vote should be in favor of Larissa. Therefore, they called Tiago Abravanel in the kindergarten and explained the strategy to the artist.

“I will be very direct. We are strategizing to save you. Therefore, we need you to vote with us and convince Lena to save you. If that happens, that’s it. You are far from the wall.”And the Arthur explained

Thiago listened carefully to the other points and said he would “think” whether or not to be part of the deal.