October 1, 2023

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'BBB 22': Brother says he doubts his sexual orientation after Panda Eva's party |  BBB

‘BBB 22’: Brother says he doubts his sexual orientation after Panda Eva’s party | BBB

Eva Panda rocks the ball carnival in ‘BBB 22’Play / Gshow

Posted on 02/27/2022 12:47

Rio – The dawn of Sunday (27), on “BBB 22”, was marked by the carnival that rocked the weekend for the participants of the reality show. The festivities were marked by the performances of Panda Eva, Lexa and Mateus Carilho and the guests were the subject of a conversation between Lin da Quebrada, Natalia and Gustavo, who claimed they questioned his heterosexuality after the performance of the Axe group.

“What’s the name of the blonde over there?” Gustavo asked. “He’s hot, isn’t he?” added Natalia, without wasting time. Lina explained that the two brothers meant singer Mateus Carrillo, and also praised the artist: “He is everything.”

Natalia takes advantage of the conversation to ask if Carilho is dating and Lynn replies, “He’s married. Fagot and married, see?” , She said. The woman from Minas Gerais replied: “What a pity, otherwise I would have married him. He is very handsome!” “You have to know if he wants to marry you,” the actress joked.

Then Gustavo confessed to the sisters: “Philippe [Pezzoni]Give [banda] Eva, you make me doubt my homosexuality, “I kicked out the law graduate, and she’s a big fan of Carnival. Crazy attendance,” Curitibano adjusts, who has an affair with Lyce inside the house.

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