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Lexa exposed Arthur’s infidelities?  Understanding the “Maíra Cardi Affair” by BBB 22 TV News

Lexa exposed Arthur’s infidelities? Understanding the “Maíra Cardi Affair” by BBB 22 TV News

lexaone of the attractions in BBB 22 This Saturday (26), is a longtime acquaintance Arthur Agyar. good friend Mira CardiThe actor’s wife, Funkeira, was responsible for exposing his infidelity and causing the couple’s separation. The two have recently reconciled with the right to a vocal apology even with “God’s presence.”

The way Myra revealed the infidelities was told in a taped interview for the Hora de Faro Show last week. The former BBB confessed to helping Lexa. After columnist Leo Dias leaked the information, the two confirmed the beef presence on social media.

“The story exploded and I was always on my own. I gave her support, and through it all, they came back. I spontaneously left because I didn’t feel comfortable with the whole situation…”, the singer posted on her Twitter profile.

“It took a while and about five months ago I got a letter from Arthur himself thanking me for my talk,” said MC Guimê’s wife. “In the audio recording, he said that through revelation he can become a better person, closer to God and that he understands all his faults. Now, Myra and I are close again, I attract her happiness every day, and I felt that he was sincere in the voice.”

Myra delved into the revelation, and in addition to thanking her friend, she shared an excerpt from the audio Aguiar sent Lexa: “She was responsible for one of the biggest and best changes in our lives, and she is responsible for Arthur’s change. She opened eyes on his betrayals, for what was happening in the that time “.

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sorry for the sound

Arthur Aguiar’s voice was sent by Maíra Cardi’s cell phone to Lexa in November 2021, three months before he was confirmed at BBB 22. The actor thanked him several times for the show and asserted that his mistakes brought him more in touch with God:

You probably don’t know, you don’t have that feeling, but I have gratitude, as incredible as it may sound, for you told Myra. I was completely detached from myself. Obviously, to the point where I was doing a lot of pointless things. It was only natural that it should be explained this way. In order to see the size of the disconnect.

“I really appreciate your talking to her, because that was the beginning of many developments. Obviously there were developments that weren’t very nice and nice. But overall she was very nice and that was very positive for me,” Aguiar noted.

Arthur cheated with whom?

In 2020, . was released Sophia Cardi’s mother Find out that the artist was secretly with Aricia Silva. In the same year, she said that she discovered 15 lovers of her husband. The two exchanged several barbs on social media and got back together in March 2021.

In June 2020, Myra underwent a breast correction surgery and sent a voiceover to the family of the BBB 22 participant.

“Now, I play a prostitute that I bring from the south to Rio de Janeiro, in an apartment [alugado] Dollars to eat while I recover here and believe in changing it. My dignity has limits. The lack of character of this man has its limits. I will not continue to play this joke. I wanted to apologize to all of you profusely,” she said as she threw everything into the fan.

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