June 21, 2024

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Maju Coutinho from Fantastic?  Journalist has covid

Maju Coutinho from Fantastic? Journalist has covid

Maria Julia Coutinho It will be replaced in Fabulous This Sunday (30). The journalist tested positive for Covid-19 and was thus removed from the Globo attraction. She is expected to take ownership of the online magazine next week.

While Mago recovers, Mariana Gross will host the show, where Poliana Abreta is on vacation. According to Globo, Jornal Hoje’s previous title has only mild symptoms and is working fine. the news. The information was initially published by Ancelmo Gois, of Journal O Globo.

In December last year, Poliana did not order Fantástico because she had flu-like symptoms with her husband, Chico Walcacer. As per protocol, the network chose to remove it, causing a rush behind the scenes. Ana Paula Araújo has been chosen to take her place in front of Show da Vida.

The hasty exchange is not addressed in Fantastic. Anna Paula simply appeared on the stage of gravity and ordered it, without any reference to her distant fellow.

On the tenth of January, Renata Vasconcelos It also needed to be replaced at Globo after it tested positive. William Bonner was tested and, as a precaution, he temporarily left the Journal Nacional in command.

The presenter shared an isolated photo on social media and reassured followers. “Symptoms: none. But for everyone’s safety, the protocol is to remain isolated until a negative PCR result is obtained. We will know tomorrow. Get well, Duchess Renata Vasconcelos,” he wrote in the commentary.

During his absence, the main news program of Globo was presented by Ana Luisa Guimarães and Helter Duarte.

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