June 20, 2024

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At SXSW, Scott Galloway takes a special look at the Metaverse

Scott Galloway: “For me, the metaverse is more about hearing than about seeing.”

While many talk about metaverse thinking about fancy technologies, Scott Galloway, a professor at New York University (NYU), prefers to aim for simplicity. while you participate in South by Southwest (SXSW)an innovation and technology festival that has been taking place in Austin, Texas, since Friday 11, Scott confirmed that metaverse Sound will be his greatest asset. “For me, the metaverse is more about hearing and less about seeing. In that sense, Apple is far ahead, with its functional audio hardware, than the Meta has been browsing this concept.” In this context, according to Scott, the metaverse is more about functionality than fiction. Scott, who also co-hosts the Pivot podcast, spoke about the power of voice in recent interactions.

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Among the highlights of his presentation, the professor also devoted an important part of his panel to talking about big technologies, privacy and artificial intelligence. In particular, in the case of the metaverse, the professor understands that the concept has much less to do with the movie The Matrix, about parallel virtual reality, and much more with it, as humans increasingly interact with machines and auditory devices. “When someone comes up to me and comments on the last episode of my podcast, it feels like my friend is closer to the conversation. It shows the power of voice and how it can be leveraged in what we call the metaverse.” Scott also mentioned Amazon’s Alexa and how much this technology can extend the range of voice.

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What is SXSW?

a South and Southwest (SXSW) is a A festival of innovation held in Austin, Texas, which began on Friday, the 11th, and runs through the 18th. After two years without a live version, SXSW returns in 2022 with high expectations. For Austin, this is the most significant moment, as more than US$400 million (R$2 billion) in revenue is generated for the city. The leader of foreign delegations in the last editions, Brazil lost the place this time to the United Kingdom. However, it is still the destination of many Brazilian professionals looking for trends, as well as startups that have an important platform for vision and business in innovation and technology.