May 18, 2024

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What time does BBB start today?  Discord game day at home

What time does BBB start today? Discord game day at home

Another Monday arrived, and with it, another day of discord in theBBB 22 inch (TV Globo). The formation of the Eighth Wall with Gustavo, Pedro Scobe and Finny cheered the spirits in the house And tonight’s dynamism promises new sparks.

According to the schedule of Carioca station, the program will start today at 10:40 pm, right after the in the sun“.

The modus operandi of today’s game has not been revealed. last week, The besieger must point out the contradictions between the other participants and that Eliezer was the main target of the night.

Jade Bacon Seventh Judgmenthe was still at home and Take advantage of the match for Arthur Aguiar’s cornerBut the actor didn’t spare him either by Gustav who criticized the influencer’s defense speech as “attractive”..

Who do you want to remove from “BBB”?

total 134205 wishes

UOL voting has no scientific nature or influence on the outcome of TV Globo

Watch now: “Realities – Brazil on TV”

We’ve already spoken to former BBBs who have lamented, to those who caused controversy and now, in “Realities – O Brasil na TV,” a three-episode documentary produced by splash And the MOV.docwe say the beginnings and behind the scenes of reality programs in Brazil.

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